For someone who entered their nineteenth year of life with no established relationship, getting into a relationship is hard.

On most dating apps, the age range they allow you is at the minimum, four years.

If you're 18-years-old, that means your filtered age range is 18-22 and can go no lower. That makes finding someone compatible very hard, considering an 18 y.o. is just entering adulthood and even though it's just four years, 22 is way too old.

At 19, it's just as difficult.

Dating someone who is 18 feels like they are too young or immature. Dating someone younger than 18 is completely out of the question. Dating someone 21 or older creates a social barrier: they can go out to bars and you cannot. You're left with 19 and 20-year-olds.

The problem is, as I have experienced, is that most people in this age-group are seldom looking for a real, committed relationship. They are too hung-up on hookup culture and "friends with benefits." Why not? You're young and you have the rest of your life to find a life-partner.

For someone who may only be 19, but looking for that committed relationship, it's annoying.

I see most couples starting lives together, moving in together, and getting engaged. Most met in college, but they are also 21 or older. A lot of people say that is way too young, but those couples often end up successful. My own parents got engaged at 21, and are still happily married.

Being 19, an age where you get no perks on your birthday (18, you're an adult and can vote, 21, you can drink, even 20 means you enter a new decade) it just adds insult-to-injury when you can't find a romantic partner who wants the same as you when it comes to relationships.