As a college student, I rarely have any time on my hands but when I do, I watch Netflix. However, I must confess my guilty pleasure: I am inexplicably obsessed with dark, edgy, death-infused, and MOSTLY fictional TV shows. There is just something so soothing about watching a fictional character experience human suffering -- whether it be physical or emotional. I love to watch a character kick the shit out of some bad guys. Or maybe I'll even unwind to a woman dying in a continuous loop she can't seem to escape from. The absolute best part of Netflix is its ability to satiate my need for grittier shows. Here's some binge-worthy material for the darkest of souls.

1. "Happy!"

Originally premiering on Syfy, "Happy!" tells the story of an ex-cop who has found solace in drink and mercenary work while hiding from his troubled past. So, what's the kick? An imaginary flying unicorn named Happy who aids him on his misadventures. Based on the comic book series by Grant Morrison and Darick Robertson, this dark comedy is not for the faintest of heart.

2. "Maniac"

This dramatic miniseries cast both Emma Stone and Jonah Hill as the dual leads. She's haunted by troubled relationships with her sister and mother and he's a paranoid schizophrenic. They both sign up for a mysterious three-day drug trial, what could go wrong? Everything, absolutely everything.

3. "Umbrella Academy"

Another superhero show on Netflix? What a surprise. But hey, before you scroll past this entry just think about it: a robot mother, seven superhero siblings, and a talking chimpanzee. These seven estranged siblings are brought back by the death of their adopted father and with their reunion comes their problematic relationships. The show may take a while to take-off, but when it does, wow does it go.

4. "Black Mirror"

Honestly, if you haven't heard of "Black Mirror" yet you're extremely late to the party. Labeled the modern day "Twilight Zone", this show examines the dark themes that surround our obsession with technology. Each episode is its own story, so don't worry about skipping around.

5. "Russian Doll"

A dark and feminist-take on "Groundhog Day", "Russian Doll's" main character Nadia gets stuck in a mysterious loop on her birthday. Played by the great Natasha Lyon, she navigates her never-ending lives (and deaths) with quick-wit and an endless string of cigarettes. Throughout the show, she must face her innermost demons while also trying not to die on the stairs.