Dar Al Arkan Pagani Tower Showcases Modern Luxury
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Dar Al Arkan Pagani Tower Showcases Modern Luxury

Saudi-headquartered property development company Dar Al Arkan is bringing beautiful buildings to the Middle East.

Dar Al Arkan Pagani Tower Showcases Modern Luxury


Saudi-headquartered property development company Dar Al Arkan is bringing beautiful buildings to the Middle East. While the Burj Khalifa tends to come to mind when one thinks of downtown Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Dar Al Arkan’s Pagani Tower, which looks out on the world’s tallest building, deserves some recognition for being the first of its kind.

It may not be the biggest, but it is quite possibly the most beautiful. For the first time, Italian race car manufacturer Pagani lends its sleek, sophisticated style to the interiors of a residential skyscraper in downtown Dubai. Dar Al Arkan noted that “every detail is crafted to obsession, every material is of the finest quality, every line is designed with taste and harmony.”

What Does Leonardo da Vinci Have To Do With This Stunning Structure?

The results are nothing short of a masterpiece that pays homage to the Renaissance master artist Leonardo da Vinci, who was a massive source of inspiration to the automaker. Da Vinci once said, “Art and science are disciplines that can walk hand in hand.” The Pagani Tower is proof of that.

The legendary artist created his masterpiece “Mona Lisa” between 1503 and 1504. Yet while da Vinci heavily influences Pagani’s work, the Pagani Tower is completely contemporary and attracts the most well-off people in the world because of its prime location near art galleries and exhibitions, star-studded operas, and fashion shows. In addition, it’s directly adjacent to the Dubai Canal and within close proximity to the Marasi Business Bay.

According to Horacio Pagani, “We are delighted to be working with Dar Al Arkan on this project, our first in the region, and we are excited to be designing the interiors. The living spaces will offer exclusive, bespoke environments, reflecting the cornerstones of our creative philosophy that combines form and function to create unique, handmade objects. The Dubai real estate sector continues to grow immensely, and we are proud of being a part of an exclusive and truly one-of-a-kind development plan that has so much to offer.”

Sheikh Yousef Al Shelash, the chairman of the Saudi-based real estate company that operates in eight countries, says, “Co-branding is one of the biggest trends in luxury living and real estate. And we present limited-edition residences in the real estate market in Dubai.” One of the benefits of partnering with famous designers is that it “not only elevates the status of the image of the company, but we're also trusted by brands that are mega brands, who trusted us with their brand to put on our project. In addition, it expanded our customer base because now we are able to deal with economic classes from the mid-economic classes to the ultra-high-net-worth.”

Dar Al Arkan’s Pagani Tower: Avant-Garde Design Concepts

One look and it’s apparent that there’s nothing like this residential tower anywhere else in the world. And it’s certainly not for someone seeking a low-key living space. Instead, this edifice is a deviation from boring, everyday designs. As Dar Al Arkan states, “The avant-garde design concept is brought to life through the instability of lines, a strong uneven approach, transparency, and hidden balances. At the top rests one of the most incredible geometric spheres, seemingly defying gravity. The tower is a true geometric symphony of perfection.” There is even a “pearl,” a gravity-defying suspended sphere that serves as the penthouse.

The company’s Pagani Tower has three basement levels and a spacious ground floor that features the Steel Atrium. According to the company, it “represents the epitome of art and luxury. From the moment you walk in, you are plunged into a masterpiece made of stainless steel, carbon fibers, lush leather, and kinetic chandeliers, where the beauty of engineering evokes the most prestigious lifestyle.”

There are also 19 floors of residential living spaces. The high-end homes are crafted from marble and available in two- to four-bedroom options. Once there, residents may never want to leave, especially since stunning private outdoor spaces have been incorporated into the captivating, contemporary design. The flowing light-filled interiors also offer panoramic views of downtown Dubai. Horacio Pagani set out to create the most beautiful car in the world, and now his name is synonymous with unprecedented living spaces.

“Discover the pool area at the top of the tower, a modern gym with the newest equipment and plenty of space to exercise, and the separate sauna and steam rooms for men and women,” stated the company. The foyers, living areas, and dining rooms are designed with marble flooring and skirting, gypsum ceilings, and wood paneling. The kitchens have quartz walls and Silestone quartz countertops, and Miele or Bosch appliances.

Luxury Living at Its Finest

Dar Al Arkan Pagani Tower residents can expect a private elevator to whisk them directly to their doorsteps. Once a resident is inside the smart home, technology responds to their every need. In addition, the building has expert concierges on call 24/7 to assist with everything from housekeeping and arranging dinner plans to making reservations and appointments.

The company said, “Peace of mind is within reach when you are surrounded by harmony and balance. Imagine a relaxing heaven where every shape is designed to please your senses: Discover the pool area at the top of the tower, an urban jungle to refresh your ideas after a busy day.”

It is enough to make the Mona Lisa smile.

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