Dancers are the world's closest thing to real-life mutants. They grow up with their legs facing opposite directions and feet stretched into unnatural positions. They have the agility of a point guard, the hops of a wide receiver and all the grace of a woodland fairy. Because dancers spend so much time in training and rehearsal, many in-studio behaviors bleed into their daily lives, which can be pretty comical for anyone watching. Here are just a few of the many things that make you say, "Oh, they definitely dance."

1. Stretching everywhere, always 

With a leg behind your head is the only way to sit on the couch.

2. "Kitchen ballet"

What else are tile floors for but pirouettes and MJ slides? And don't tell me it's a coincidence that counter-tops are the perfect "barre" height!

3. Making routines in our heads to ALL the songs

No matter how obscure or awful the song may be, we have a whole 3-minute piece already choreographed and ready for production. This is especially true if we are listening to music in the car alone or on public transit.

4. Learning music video choreography, then showing it off at parties

"Bad Romance," "Hips Don't Lie," "Raspberry Beret," we know it all. We're basically walking encyclopedias of celeb dances.

5. Refusing pedicures to keep our callouses

We can't have anyone scraping off the bunions that took years to make! But, when we do get our toes done, the nail artist is almost always horrified.

6. Giving a four-count intro for everything

Counting down for a picture gets really confusing for everyone else involved...

7. Wearing our tights/leotards in public

No, we didn't forget our pants - we just have rehearsal in an hour.

8. Sporting a bun even when we're not dancing

We know we look like bald five-year-olds but trust us, it looks even weirder when we take our hair down.

See also: Dance Is Not A Sport

9. Doing a plie to pick something up

It looks ridiculous and it's way harder than just bending down like a normal person. But is it as fun? No, it's not.

10. Leaping over puddles, curbs, stairs, etc.

It's not showing off, it's just a talent that happens to come in handy!

11. Shaving with one leg on the shower wall

Why bend down when you could just, ya know, not?

12. Being *too* proud of blood stains and bruises

The marks of a dancer are worn with pride, regardless of how repulsive they look to everyone else.