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13 Dairy Alternatives That Taste Better Than The Real Thing

Let's face it, we consume entirely too much dairy.

13 Dairy Alternatives That Taste Better Than The Real Thing

Approximately 60% of the human population has a form of lactose intolerance, whether it be a slight tummy ache or a day in bed post dairy consumption. For those with a dairy intolerance, it can be exactly what it states: intolerable. Choosing to take health into your own hands by cutting out simple dairy treats, milk, and meal additives can quickly heal the affected party. For a comprehensive list of my favorite "dairy alternatives" to keep you feeling satisfied only without the horrible side effects keep reading.

1. Almond milk

This is my favorite "dairy alternative" for so many reasons. Not only does it come in SO many variations and flavors, but it is also the easiest to find. If you're from a small town like mine, dairy alternatives are slim, and good tasting ones are even slimmer. Finding an almond milk brand that you like, a flavor you dig (whether it be sweetened/unsweetened, vanilla, or chocolate) and finding cool, innovative ways to use it in your daily life is key. Go out there and get ya some!

2. Soy milks

Soy milk offers a unique taste for coffee, cereal, and smoothies, but did you know you can purchase soy milk with ADDED protein? As a vegetarian myself, I often lack protein and calcium in my diet and with soy milks, I can replenish that needed protein. Plus, soy milk is so good!

3. Coconut milk

Okay so another milk alternative because hey, maybe almond milk isn't for you, and that's okay! If almond milk isn't your cup of tea, instead try coconut milk as a milk alternative. I prefer coconut milk in my hot coffee, and almond milk in my cold coffee (weird, huh?). It is really all about finding your favorite alternative and rolling with it.

4. Cashew milk

Cashew milk is one type of milk I do not often use, but not for taste. I dairy-drivenenjoy the taste very much, however it is less likely that I find a carton of this milk at my local grocery store, for the sheer lack of demand. People would much rather choose an almond milk or soy milk, just because it's the most "fool proof" option. But I actually recommend trying this milk because hey, it might just become your favorite!

5. Silk yogurt

Guys, this stuff is BOMB (literally)! I love yogurt but every time I eat it, I feel sluggish, tired, and sick. After a long-time journey of seeking a yogurt alternative, I finally found a dupe for a GOOD yogurt, Silk. If you haven't tried this yummy and sweet breakfast/snack, go out and get it, NOW.

6. So Delicious: almond milk ice cream bars

These are seriously SO GOOD. I'm an ice cream fanaticintoand I seriously felt so sad about having to limit my intake of this sweet, cold deliciousness. But it was one day that I was walking through the frozen aisle of my local grocery store when I found pure heaven in the form of edible ice cream (well edible for me). These bars are coated in a layer of chocolate and filled with yummy almond milk ice cream. These may not be available everywhere, but if you see a box, go ahead and snag them.

7. Coconut oil

Okay, so this is a unique one. Although coconut oil can be used for the growth of hair follicles and natural tanning of skin but what you didn't know is that coconut oil acts as an super useful fat for cooking. This can replace traditional butter made with milk and form a beautiful fat to cook food on (oh, and it's healthier too).

8. Earth balance butter

Another butter substitute, coming at ya! This stuff is healthy, yummy, and full of good health benefits for your body. There's really no reason you shouldn't try this hearty "butter-alike."

9. Reddi-Whip almond/coconut milk whipped cream

Something so trivial like whipped cream is probably not a big deal to most, however, when you have a toasty night in by the fire and all you want is hot cocoa with whipped cream, it truly sucks having a stomach ache for hours after. I have tried the coconut milk whipped cream and the almond milk as well, and both are great. So what do you do? Try these NEW items being sold (while they're new, they're also rare) at stores across the country. These are HELLA GOOD!

10. Lactose-free ice cream

At almost every supermarket (small or large) you can find a lactose-free ice cream substitute. I personally enjoy Breyer's vanilla lactose-free ice cream (with a load of toppings, all dairy-free of course!). This is a staple, but super important if you want a break from almond, coconut, cashew, and flax related products.

11. Chao slices

Okay so this is always a tricky "dairy dupe". Mostly because one, cheese is cheese (ooey, gooey goodness), and two milk curds and forms the cheeses we adore today, and without a milk substance to perform that process, cheese is impossible. But, some brands have made "Chao Slices" which are made with tofu and act as an excellent sliced cheese alternative. Just try it, it's hard to explain, guys.

12. Natural Bliss: coffee creamer


Coffee Mate, the brand, has come out with a super tasty line of dairy free, great tasting coffee creamers. I am super excited to try all of these inexpensive creamers full of almondy and coconut-y flavor! I've seen a slew of these in my local grocery store. Although most creamers are dairy-free, these creamers provide the unique, almond/coconut milk taste us lactose-intolerantees love!

13. Lactose-free protein powder


The lactose enzyme is in so many daily used items. So when seeking a protein supplement that will provide replenishment and high protein value, it's important to read the ingredients (as you should do with any product you consume). Most protein supplements contain lactose but some do not, and it is not that rare to find a lactose-free protein powder. Just do a little research and you can find some pretty yummy vegan protein powders. My favorite ones are by the brand: Vega. Get your lift on, and replenish your muscles with lactose-free love.

It's important to note two things: one, these products take a much longer time to expire, and two, these items are SO freakin' good. If you haven't branched out of the "dairy driven" box you've been placed in to experience these great items, I highly recommend doing so ASAP. Your health, stomach, and taste buds will thank you (trust me).

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