Daily Struggles Of Always Being Hot
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Daily Struggles Of Always Being Hot

Winter is such a blessing

Daily Struggles Of Always Being Hot

Some people are just built differently, and for me, I am literally always hot even in situations where I should definitely be freezing my butt off. Here are some of the daily struggles of always being abnormally warm, even in chilly situations.

My hands are never cold.

It is the strangest thing, but no matter where I am or what I'm wearing, my hands will never be cold. Test it out, I dare you.

I can't sleep without a fan on.

Sleeping when overheated it possibly one of the worst situations to be in. Sleeping with the heat on and no fan always results in waking up literally sweating, and it could not be more uncomfortable.

Or while wearing long pants.

OK, pajama pants are cute and all, but they are strictly for lounging around the house. When it comes to actually sleeping in my warm bed, the pants are way too much to handle. Shorts to bed all year round.

Winter is my favorite.

I will never understand people who hate cold weather. It is so refreshing when you step outside on a cold winter's day, and I wouldn't change it for the world.

I would rather freeze than sweat any day.

And nobody understands why.

"Aren't you cold?"

I'm pretty used to this question. My answer is always the same. "Aren't you sweating?"

I will forever disagree on the room temperature.

My roomies and I battle with the thermostat in our room 24/7. They are always cold, and I'm always the one burning up. Sorry guys, you can put layers on, but I can't take my skin off.

Heated blankets?

No. Never.

Tight clothing makes me nervous.

Because, what if I sweat?

The windows are always open.

And, again, my roommates always hate this. I will never understand how they get cold in our 98-degree room. Opening the windows is completely necessary to our health, but they don't see that I just want the best for them.

Cuddling requires taking breaks.

Don't get me wrong, I love cuddling. But sometimes I just need a second to myself without the extra body heat.

"Don't you want to grab your coat?"

No, no, I do not.

I always have a T-shirt on under my sweatshirt.

Once I get inside, the layers come off.

Summer is the devil.

Okay, I love laying at the pool and hanging outside during the summer, but I can't stand being outside for long periods of time.

I will never understand my body temperature, and neither will most people. Always being hot has its perks, but it's definitely a struggle.

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