The "Dad Shoe" Is Making A Comeback In 2018

The "Dad Shoe" Is Making A Comeback In 2018

Dad knows best.

What kind of clothing does a house wear? A dress.

Get it? "Address?"

This joke qualifies as a "dad joke" — the pathetically comical jokes that will never go out of style.

The person (most likely your dad) that's telling you these jokes have a good chance of rocking what they also call, "dad shoes."

What are those? The chunky, white, overly structured New Balances that your dad, uncle, and possibly your grandpa wear just about everywhere.

But before you criticize his sense of style and tell him to throw them away, you may want to take them for yourself, because 2018 is the year of the dad shoe.

This trend originated in 2017 with the Raf Simons x Adidas Ozweego collaboration.

This shoe sparked the re-interest in overly chunky and obnoxious shoes.

However, this style can be a little much for some people, and some even called them ugly. But leave it up to Rihanna to make anything ugly into a fashion statement.

She did what she does best and made dad shoes trendy, along with her "Wild Thoughts" dresses/shirts.

Rhianna's pioneering personality sparked interest with other celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Kim Kardashian, and Bella Hadid who then started sporting them on the streets.

These shoes are characterized by their chunky appearance, block colors, angled structures, and of course the arch support — dads would never stand for a poorly supported shoe.

This trend was further popularized at the end of 2017 through designers' use of them in their ready-to-wear collections. Specifically by Balenciaga who perfected the look and who some say created the "dad shoe to end all dad shoes" when they introduced their "Triple-S" sneaker, which many models (comfortably) walked the runway in, in Balenciaga's 2017 RTW F/W collection.

All of these reasons are why I firmly believe that the dad shoe will and is making a comeback, especially in 2018. For further evidence, there was an abundance of dad shoes spotted walking around the streets of London during London Fashion Week F/W 2018/2019.

Next time you think your dad needs a closet revamp, or needs to throw his old sneakers away, think twice and check the vintage trends that are making a comeback in 2018.

Cover Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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Ladies, You Can Stay On-Trend And Still Make Your Closet Original

Take something you admire and put your twist on it.


Alright, ladies, this one's for you. You who always stresses about dressing boho enough. You who tries to do your makeup in the most on-trend possible. You who constantly scourers Shein, Romewe, and Forever 21 hoping to find amazing, on-trend clothes.

Do you ever feel uncomfortable in those clothes? Do you feel that your makeup is kind of just off? Maybe it's because the styles that you are trying to stick just aren't YOUR style.

But hey, that OK! People are not meant to be able to adapt to every new trend and style craze that comes through the US. Some people are going to be able to rock the boyfriend jeans (see cover photo), while others will just have to admit that it just gives them diaper butt. What is the point in all dressing the same anyway

I'll tell you guys something... maybe it's a secret or maybe I am just behind with the times, but I've learned something recently. Part of being "trendy" is being able to make fashion unique to you.

I consider myself a trendy person. I stay up with the trends for the most part but really try to make them my own. There are little details that can be changed so that your clothes/style really get to capture who you are. I always make sure that I am comfortable and happy in the clothes that I am in.

A big way of doing that for me is to tweak the clothes I buy to really represent my style. I would say that when something becomes trendy, I am one of the first to buy it. Whatever trendy item buy, I try to make it just a little bit different than those around me. Whether it be the colors that make it different, or just how I wear them, I adapt them to my personality and my body type.

NEVER be afraid to challenge the fashion spectrum. It is a nice and safe environment to just stay in clothes that you know or to just wear clothes as they are meant to be worn. But what is the fun in that? Shopping and dressing, in general, becomes a much more fun and fulfilling experience when you break down your walls and jump into the fashion void.

Wear the shirt that you bought but have yet to wear because you don't know what your friends will think about it. Cut the jeans that you've been wanting to DIY for forever now. Find an occasion and wear that outfit that makes you so confident, you just wanna kiss someone.

Fashion gives those around you a little window into your personality. Make it you, make it beautiful, make it unique.

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