They have the type of smile that makes you want to find it over and over again. Sometimes you can't find it, so you go on some great odyssey to find it. This odyssey comes in the form of shitty dad jokes.

They have the sense of humor that makes you laugh so hard that you only wish they could laugh as hard and as true as you. So you try to give them that. The answer to that one is also shitty dad jokes.

All your time spent with them is in your head, worrying about if you are good enough for them. So you try to be good enough, but then find that you aren't being yourself. You try to be yourself at the same time. It doesn't work being cool and yourself at the same time. It's just an awkward jumble, but I guess an awkward jumble issuing yourself. It'll pass for now.

You aren't trying to win them over, or impress them. All you want is to make them feel the way you do when you're around them. If only you ever had a chance to be around them as much as you want. But you don't.

The brief moments we do have are special. It constantly feels like something magnificent should happen:

You approach with wide eyes, open-teeth smile, and enough charisma to stretch for miles.

You don't know it, but I am fighting so hard to not give away my feelings.

It's too hard, so I spew words all over the floor and the ceiling.

In the form of dad jokes.

I want you to make art, but not only cause you'd be good.

I want to see what you would talk about if you could.

What is important to you? What makes you tick?

I write so that I feel closer to you.

I hate ending poems.