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12 Reasons I'm Better Because I was Cyber Schooled

School wasn't a chore anymore.

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Since I moved to York, Pennsylvania in kindergarten, I've been to five different schools, six if we include college.

School was fine until I got to middle school and high school, where I absolutely hated it. My only outlet was basketball, which I lost in ninth grade when I had my fourth concussion.

This concussion ruined my life and was the main reason that I transferred to public school. Unfortunately, the concussion wasn't the worst thing in my life.

That came halfway through 10th grade when I was diagnosed with cancer. I struggled through the year, but managed to finish before the deadline I was given, but I didn't want to go back to school and be the girl who had cancer.

Instead, my parents and I decided that I could enroll in cyber school and it was the best decision I ever made.

There were so many people with unique stories; some were junior Olympians, some competed on T.V. competitions and some were one of 18 children, all cyber schooled.

Some were adults who had gone back to finish high school. There weren't cliques, just people, which is only one of the reasons that I'm better because I was cyber schooled, the others include:

1. I had almost complete control over my schedule.


I'm the type of person who likes to get work done right away, so I made sure my classes and mandatory work for the day were all done by noon.

2. I worked at my own pace.



There were days that I sat and worked on six chapters of homework a day because I was on a roll and couldn't stop. In fact, there were days that my mom had to drag me away from my desk because I was so focused.

3. I could sleep all day if I wanted to.

Season 3 Sleeping


Yes, I did this, but it didn't help with the normal high school tiredness.

4. My parents learned to trust that I could get my stuff done on my own.

Trust Me


It's a lot of responsibility to get up everyday with no one else home and willingly do school work, but I succeeded. My brother is an example of someone who couldn't do it because he needs someone to give him a kick from behind.

5. I learned how to do so many things on a computer



Since everything was on the computer, I had to learn to use it as a notebook, a textbook, drawing tools, a scanner, a microphone, and many things that I never actually figured out.

6. There was no excuse to be marked absent


Even if you were so sick you couldn't leave your bed, all you had to do was have someone log on for you. However, that doesn't mean I always remembered to do this. Hawaii can be very disruptive to my focus.

7. I finished my classes in March

High School Musical 2


Goodbye Math, Hello Netflix All Day.

8. I didn't have a reputation.

jessica jones reputation


In elementary school, junior high and freshman year, my class was the most hated in the whole school. In 10th grade, I was the girl who had a concussion, then the girl who had cancer. It was nice to meet people who knew nothing about me.

9. I played parent for my little sister when necessary

sister sister 90s


In first and second grade, they do a lot of stuff where parents/families are invited, but unfortunately both my parents work during the day. However, I was free, so I watched my sister compete in the religion bee, sing and play in different concerts, helped with science experiments and went to class picnics and anything else being an older sister entails.

10. I learned how to use an alarm clock without hitting snooze ten times

wake up


No one was there to wake me up if I was late for class. It took practice and a few missed classes, but I can now successfully get up the first time my alarm goes off.

11. My prom was so much better than my friends in "normal" school

teen wolf love


We had buffet style with chicken, salmon, steak, salads, vegetables, rolls, soups, and lots of desserts. My cousin, on the other hand, had one plate of food with some vegetables, some inedible meat and one choice of dessert. Let's just say, she enjoyed the food at mine more.

12. I pulled my GPA from a 2.7 after 10th grade to a 3.3 at graduation.

graduation lol


My grades dropped in 10th grade because I was home bound tutored and had to learn everything myself, so to bring it up that much, I had to be doing something right.

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