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To My Ex-Best Friend, I Don't Feel Bad For Cutting You Off

Call me what you want, but at least you can't call me a doormat anymore.

To My Ex-Best Friend, I Don't Feel Bad For Cutting You Off

It's so much easier to play the victim, right? Why look at yourself in the mirror and reflect on your flaws if you could just make everyone else think that they're the one with the problem instead?

It requires so much less work and self-awareness to point fingers at everyone else rather than to take responsibility for your own shortcomings. It seems pointless when you could just take advantage of genuine people that are always willing to go the extra mile while doing absolutely nothing in return.

It makes more sense to befriend those who are always striving to see the good in others, so you can just sit back and act however you want while the people around you are constantly giving you the benefit of the doubt for no good reason. If you can just con and manipulate and charm your way to the top, why be concerned with putting in the effort to be a "good friend"…?

Because people like that, selfish people, they end up with only one person in the end. Themselves. Because sooner or later, people realize. They get tired of putting up with the same bullshit over and over and making excuses like, "That's just the way they are." They get tired of being in one-sided friendships.

I don't feel bad for cutting off my ex-best friend. Call me crazy, call me a bitch, call me this, call me that. At least you can't call me a doormat that's going to continue to put up with negativity that I no longer have room in my life for. I'm choosing to cut off people who I have outgrown. I'm choosing to cut off people who skate by in life by taking advantage of the good will in others.

Cutting off a bad friend is like cutting off dead weight. It's a huge relief. You might hesitate to do so because of the potential repercussions.

Are all my other friends going to turn against me? I live with this person, so how am I supposed to avoid them? Should I just up and move out? Who am I going to hang out with now?

Forget it. Trust that the satisfaction of cutting off a problematic friend is such a relief that all of those trivial "consequences" will ultimately mean nothing. You're on to bigger and better things. You're making room for people who have the same heart as you. There's no room for the right people to enter your life if you're clinging on to the past that never propelled you in a positive direction in the first place.

I know for a fact that my ex-best friend thinks nothing is wrong with her. In her eyes, she's the victim and everyone else sucks. I know she would never dare to utter the words "I'm sorry" or "I was wrong" for continuously dismissing my thoughts and feelings while demanding that everyone else considers hers first before their own.

I didn't cut her off to teach her a lesson or expect her to change. I know that people like her never do. I cut her off for the sake of my own well-being and mental sanity. I cut her off so I can create a new life that's better for me instead of a life that revolves around her.

She has never felt bad for the way she's treated me, made fun of me behind my back, completely disregarded my feelings, walked all over me, etc. So I don't feel bad for moving on. And I never will.

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