10 Mother's Day Gifts That Are More Heart Felt Than Flowers And A Card

1. Take her out to eat.

You could ask her to coffee or take her out for dinner. She'll love it because one, food and two, you get quality time with her which is what every mom will never turn down.

2. A gift certificate.

One thing you can't go wrong with because women love to shop. TJMaxx, Hobby Lobby, her favorite nail salon, a boutique, or even a local greenhouse if she loves to garden.

3. Essential oils.

If she has an essential oil diffuser, this is perfect. Research what the different oils are advertised to do, (i.e. Lavender is used for relaxation) and pick out one or two that might best suit her.

Sidenote: Essential oils can also be used directly on the skin so she doesn't have to have to own a diffuser.

4. A box subscription.

There are fun box subscriptions for everything. Google "monthly box for (insert subject like clothes, workout gear, etc) It's a surprise for her monthly and she'll think of you every time. (Favorite kid = you)

5. A "dog mom" kit.

Even if you're grown and out of the house, your mom will never stop being a mom. If she has dogs, use that and the recent trend, "dog mom" to your advantage this year. Fill a basket or even a small dog bed with items like:

A dog mom shirt/coffee mug, dog treats, a light up dog collar so she can see them in the dark, a gift certificate for a free dog bath, dog bandannas, and of course... toys.

6. A DIY spa day.

There are so many places to pick these items up at (depending on your price range). Bath bombs and face masks have almost become a necessity so common drugstores and even Walmart have expanded their selections. If you're looking for a brand-specific place to shop or looking to spend a little more on her gift, Bed, Bath, and Body Works or Sephora might be your place to look for your mom some relaxing, feel-good gifts.

7. This cute pot.

8. An occupationally related gift.

An occupationally related gift can be a cute reminder for her every day at work that she raised some awesome kiddos. If she's a teacher, go for a teacher-themed picture frame or decorations for her classroom. If she's a nurse, you can pick out funny tall socks for under her scrubs or a new name badge.

9. CAKE.

If you're gifted enough to bake, make your mom's favorite cake or dessert. If you're not, that's okay because chances are you there's a bakery nearby. Just acknowledging something from her list of favorite things means the world to any woman.

10. Call your mama.

Although obvious, calling her with sincerity will mean more to a mother than we will ever understand if you're not one.

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