I work in customer service but I'm not your punching bag
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8 Helpful Tips For Someone  Who Doesn't Work In Customer Service

It really doesn't bother me that you're taking your business elsewhere

8 Helpful Tips For Someone  Who Doesn't Work In Customer Service

I started working at Kmart when I was in tenth grade. It is now three years later, and I've moved from being a cashier to a Service Desk and Checkout Supervisor. That face you see when you walk into the store, the one you go to when you need a return handled, the girl who answers the phone and deals with the general bitchiness...that's me. I've worked at "The Desk" as we so lovingly call it, and it has shown me how much people really suck, and that's why I'm sharing with you some helpful tips that I've learned over the years.

1. Store Policy? Yeah.. I don't control that


Kmart (or any major box store) is ran by a bunch of people above me who make rules that don't really make sense, but sadly I must follow them. I don't wake up every morning and think "Man, I'm really going to ruin this guys day today." Honestly, I really don't care that much, I'm just telling you what I have to.

2. But if I can bend a rule for you (without losing my job) I most likely will


If you're nice to me, and don't cuss me out for every reason under the sun, I will try my best to help you. I really don't hate you, and I don't want you to be miserable. I know the return policy, and the points system like the back of my hand. If their is something I can do to help you, I do it.

3. Speaking of the point system.. 


For those of you unfamiliar with Kmart, there is a reward system for members of the store. You earn points to use as money in the store, and as you can imagine it causes a lot of problems. Like most rules or sales, there are loopholes to everything. And because of that, customers can often lose points or feel scammed by the system. I'm here to tell you: We know the system sucks, and trust me, we understand why you get mad. And like I said, we try to help you. But we don't write the rules or determine how many points you have. Therefore, it is not our fault that you only have 36 cents instead of 11 dollars.

4. Like most things in life: Read the fine print


That sale that seems great? It is. But only if you play by our rules and meet the requirements. Yeah, you will get that much back in points, but it won't be tomorrow. Think of the timing of the sale. If it's a month before Christmas, we are going to want you to come back and spend more money for Christmas, so those points are obviously going to come around Christmas. Both parties win, but you'd only catch that if you read the bottom line. Sorry

5. I answer the phone so much I have the greeting memorized in my sleep 


All jobs require you to have a greeting when you answer the phone, so even when I'm answering my cell phone it takes so much out of me not to say " Hi thank you for calling you friendly Kmart, this is Maggie, how can I help you?"

6. I get yelled at..a lot


So anything you're going to say to me, about literally anything, is probably not going to phase me. I've been called every name under the sun, and then some. I've been told "I need to go to school to learn how to speak" and "You're a *****". I understand you're mad and upset. But I'm only doing what I can. So, please don't waste the energy.

7. The lines and register problems? I can't control that


I am sorry the lines are so long, and that we only have one register open. I really can't control it, and my cashiers are trying their best. And I know the registers keep crashing, but like most things, it's up to the higher ups to get new ones. And they haven't.

8. Just remember.. I'm human 


I really do everything I can to help you. I'm not a monster, if I can help you or do something to make your trip a little better, I try my best to do. I don't get paid enough to make you miserable, please don't think I try to be horrible. So next time you want to yell at your customer service worker, think twice.

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