10 Scandinavian trends
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Embrace Scandinavian Design Trends With These 10​ Essentials

I'll give the inside scoop from my own experiences observations having traveled to Scandinavian countries, and also the forecasted trends for 2019.


After traveling through several countries in Scandinavia, I wanted to implement the design trends that I had noticed. As it turns out, the Scandinavian design trends are already growing rapidly! There may be more too it than pouring over an IKEA catalog, but Scandinavian style follows principles of affordability and function. Grab your favorite notebook, a mug of coffee, and a cinnamon roll and let's get started!

1. Everything black and white

Black and white, in addition to an overall neutral color palette, emphasize the clean look of Scandinavian interiors. It is high contrast, similar to the climate in Nordic countries. The cleanliness is due to Scandinavian culture, which emphasizes being hygienic. In other words, shoes must be left at the door, clutter should be diminished to reduce the appearance of dust and dirt, and carpet is definitely a "no-no" due to its ability to collect dirt. Check out this article to learn more about the cleanliness in Scandinavian homes.

2. A cozy knit blanket

Sheep are everywhere in Nordic countries and the natural fibers are a wonderful influence for design. The Nordic climate is colder as well, so on cooler days, it is necessary to get cozy! It's a great way to follow the Hygge trend as well.


Plants are a great way to bring the outdoors inside! They will also freshen the air and add to the cleanliness of a space.

5. A stylish chair

As seen in this photo, Eames chairs are excellent additions to add to the Scandinavian look. Leather is a great texture to incorporate, which adds to the natural mood. Metallic accents are also a must.

6. Pops of deep teal

While in Scandinavia, I noticed this "fjord green" color EVERYWHERE! It is a great consistent accent that seems natural and calming.

7. Light wood

Again, this element adds to the clean design of Scandinavian trends. Lighter woods brighten up a space, and enhance the natural lighting. Light wood accents can also be achieved through side tables, chairs, or decor accents.

8. Iconic Danish pendant light

Every Scandinavian design enthusiast idolizes the lighting created by Poul Henningson. These Danish lights are a way to add coziness into a space. It is also important to the Nordic culture due to the dark winters.

9. Fur anything

Fur can be attained through a cowhide rug, or in this photo, some sheepskin throws. While it adds to the cozy feel, it also emphasizes the natural elements present in this up and coming trend.

10. Circle mirror

The last item that I noticed a lot of during my travels was a circle mirror. These have a simple shape and add style to any space!

Everything should be relaxed, yet stylish and modern. But most importantly, all items should be functional! While IKEA can be a main source for digesting these Scandinavian trends, there are several other key designers, such as the mentioned Poul Henningson and Charles and Ray Eames, that inspiration can be drawn from. These elements may not be practical for the space you live in, but try and apply these as inspiration towards decor or color schemes for any upcoming creative projects!

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