5 Podcasts Every College Gal Should Listen To
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A College Gal's Beginner Guide To Podcasts, With Everything From Relatable Stories To Crime Stories

Get out of that music rut and listen to something new.


Have you ever been stuck in a rut? A rut of listening to the same music playlists and watching the same Netflix shows? ME TOO. It happens all too often — and it sucks. Recently, while working my 7-3 job every day, I have found a new love for podcasts. Here are some of my current favorite podcasts to listen to while doing literally anything.

1. "Don't Blame Me"

Meghan Rienks allows her followers to phone in and ask questions, personal or not. She serves the caller with some real — sometimes questionable — advice. Every week she brings on a friend or fellow YouTuber to help her tackle some difficult, yet hilarious questions. No matter what Meghan says, she states: "You can't blame me!"

2. "Call Her Daddy"

In this podcast, Alex and Sophia tackle anything and everything. From relatable dating stories to advice for your fellow daddies, these girls know how to take you out of a bad mood and have you laughing for an hour straight. If you need a quick pick-me-up, I recommend listening.

3. "Gals On The Go"

Danielle and Brooke are YouTubers who have gained a following from social media. Each week they get together and talk about their favorite things, college, being an adult, and so much more.

4. "Manifest with Tori Sterling"

This podcast is just starting its journey. It is hosted by Tori Sterling, a YouTuber and fitness inspiration to many. She talks about her life before YouTube and how she started her business as well as give relationship advice.

5. "Serial"

Alright, this one is a little more serious than the other ones on this list. If you are a Criminal Minds, CSI, SVU, or any other crime show known to man, you will love this podcast. Each season is narrated by Sarah Koenig. It is a very interesting series to listen to some real-life crime stories.

Next time you need a new thing to listen to and get you through your day, check out some of these fun podcasts! I promise they are worth every second of your time.

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