We've all been there... the dreaded heartbreak. Whether you're 18 or 48, unfortunately, you have endured it. The crying and wondering why you were never good enough. The sleepless nights, broken heart, and tired eyes.

It happens to the best of us, so here's a sure cure to the devil of emotion we love to call heartbreak.

First things first, ladies and gentlemen... you have to take a few days to mourn. It's alright to be sad. So stay in bed and feel sorry for yourself. Finish that tub of ice cream and cry a bit. Get all of that rejection out of your system.

After you get away from the gloom, it's time to buck up and move on. You have to come to terms with yourself and the breakup. You have to sit down and have a talk with yourself. Remember that it's going to be OK and sincerely convince yourself that you deserve better than to feel this way.

After you persuade yourself and talk your conscious through getting over the heartache, it's time to do some physical fixing. Wake up early, go to the gym, get brunch with a friend and start the day off positively. Play some music and remind yourself that there is nothing in this world you cannot conquer. The world is YOURS! So go out and take it.

Now for therapy... go out on a dinner date. Buy yourself a new outfit. Do your makeup or get a fresh haircut.

Buy a new bed set.

Invite friends over to play cards and have the time of your life while rebuilding the other half of your character that you feel you lost.

Read a few Bible verses, meditate, regain connection with your inner-self. Become OK with the situation — you MUST become acquainted with the new environment.

End your day with a nice hot shower or a bath, listen to some of your favorite tunes, and eat one of your best-loved meals. Lay down in your NEW bet set, pick up your favorite book, video game, or something of that sort and think about how lucky you are. Think about how awesome it is to live, love, and learn. Think about all the opportunity you have. Remind yourself of how blessed you are, and remember that no one has your back like you do.