Iconic CupcakKe Songs To Bump To All Day Every Day
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11 Iconic CupcakKe Songs To Bump To All Day, Every Day

So good you'll want to play these for your grandmother!

11 Iconic CupcakKe Songs To Bump To All Day, Every Day
Erin Brocksmith

It's undeniable that female rappers have been absolutely taking the world by storm lately.

From Cardi B to Nicki Minaj, and even those not as much in the limelight, women are garnering as much attention as their male counterparts and demanding the respect they rightfully deserve. However, with the rise of female rappers comes the rise of double standards within the industry.

While popular male rappers get away with rapping about sex, titties, bitches, and ass, female rappers face criticism for doing the same thing. A notable example of this is CupcakKe, a young rapper from Chicago.

Quite a few of her songs are NSFW but she's making moves in regards to positive sexuality.

When you first listen to her music, you might be caught off guard, but a lot of her music is innovative, creative, and genuinely good. In no particular order, here is some of her best work:


This song is the most iconic in the queen's repertoire.

Best line: "I ain't swallow one kid, I think I swallowed twins."


Okay, here me out, this song is a damn bop if I've ever heard one.

Best line: "I'll eat that sausage all day like it's Memorial Day."

"Spider-Man Dick"

CupcakKe invented the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.

Best line: "I flip this pussy inside out, I call that Gabby Douglas."


We don't support gun violence here. Only sex positivity!

Best line: "Then I model yo sperm just call me Naomi Campbell."


This song is such an upbeat pop and has such an IDGAF message about inclusion.

Best line: "Judge one of the gays, they drag you from Z to A."

"Duck Duck Goose"

Who would have thought she would write/rap about everyone's favorite preschool game?!

Best line: "This pussy is a vendin' machine, vendin' machine / Can't eat it until there's money between, money between."


CupcakKe assures her haters that her success isn't ending any time soon.

Best line: "You know yo ass salty like McDonald fries."


Like LGBT, this song addresses more political issues. However, the song takes a more somber route and addresses CupcakKe's personal life growing up.

Best line: "The problems we 'bout to face is the goal for Trump."


I have literally no explanation, the title is pretty self-explanatory.

Best line: "Juggle them balls in my mouth, deep throat circus."


This is one of my favorite CupcakKe songs. It's an LGBTQ+ anthem and is essentially volume two of "LGBT."

Best line: "Tell her that dick gives you lingo / Then curve that bitch like a rainbow"

 "Spoiled Milk T*****s"

All I'm going to say is this is probably her most explicit song on "Ephorize."

Best line: "Alter ego is a freak hoe / Dick swimmin' like 'Finding Nemo'."

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