Have you ever wondered what your favorite cult classic movie got rated by the scathing critics of Rotten Tomatoes? Well worry no more, I have some of your favorite right here.

Mean girls - 84%

Most Scathing Review: "I would be more amused if the topic of rich material girls had not been worn to a thread elsewhere." -Anthony Lane

Clueless- 81%

Most Scathing Review: "There's such a gaping discontinuity between her physical beauty and her vacant, gum-snapping personality that she's like a walking advertisement for everything that's right and wrong with America." - Owen Gleiberman

The Breakfast Club- 89%

Most Scathing Review: "Nothing really changes. You hear nothing you haven't heard before. But you know that for them it is happening for the first time, and they deserve compassion. I'm not sure that's a good enough reason to see "The Breakfast Club."" -Joseph Glemis

Bridesmaids- 90%

Most Scathing Review: "Is it funny? Yes, at times, and its female-centric theme will appeal to many women. I just hope they have the patience to trudge through the slow spots and story detours." -Leonard Maltin

Heathers- 95%

Most Scathing Review: "Its inanities and glib pretensions are so thick that it mainly comes across as tacky and contrived." -Jonathan Rosenbaum

Wet Hot American Summer- 32%

Most Scathing Review: "This is supposed to be funny? It was so depressing I almost started to cry." -Stephen Hunter

The Princess Bride- 97%

Most Scathing Review: "The leads are vacuous; the absurdities sometimes forced and obvious." -Geoff Andrew

Ferris Bueller's Day Off- 81%

Most Scathing Review: "A film that doesn't seem to know what it's about until the end." -Gene Siskel

Sharknado- 82%

Most Scathing Review: "Sharknado was born to suck, but I'm hesitant to accuse its enthusiastic viewers of being rubes. The prime reason: I'm an enthusiastic viewer of it too." -Simon Miraudo

Monty Python and the Holy Grail- 97%

Most Scathing Review: "Holy Grail suffers from the same syndrome that afflicts many of these restored classics: It is better remembered than actually seen." -Bruce Newman

Pulp Fiction- 94%

Most Scathing Review: "The way that this picture has been so widely ravened up and drooled over verges on the disgusting. Pulp Fiction nourishes, abets, cultural slumming." - Stanley Kauffmann

Rocky Horror Picture Show- 80%

Most Scathing Review: "The wit is too weak to sustain a film, and the songs all sound the same." -Dave Kehr

Pitch Perfect- 80%

Most Scathing Review: "As far as the so-called humour goes, we're operating on a sliding scale from lazy to downright offensive." -Emma Dibdin