17 Crystals You Need To Get Your Life Together
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Health and Wellness

17 Crystals You Need To Get Your Life Together

Add some balance to your life and get your chakras in order.

17 Crystals You Need To Get Your Life Together

Whether you want to cleanse the bad emotions in your life, energize yourself, or simply add some breathtaking gems around your place, these crystals are definitely for you. Every crystal has a different affect and presence for your mental state. Check out this list to improve your collection and continue your life with much more stability.

1. Ametrine

Ever wake up from a dream and wish it could have come to life? Living with ametrine can make your most far-out dreams a reality. From simple desires like good grades or luck to love and money, ametrine is the crystal for you. In addition, it can help with removing negativity from your life as well as weight loss and recovering from addiction.

2. Amazonite

A lot of us want to be hit over the head with motivation and willpower, but often times it never comes. Amazonite can bring inspiration to your mind and allow you to tackle anything you can think of. This crystal can also improve communication skills, filter out stress, and exude personal truth.

3. Apopholyte

Sometimes your mind and body aren't in sync and it can really be a downer on your self-esteem. By being in the presence apopholyte, your body's balance will be restored. If you want to connect with higher powers (like spiritual aspects) or be cleansed from childhood trauma, invest in this gem.

4. Carnelian

If you're feeling a little boring lately, carnelian can work its magic and bring some creativity to your life. This popular and historic crystal can also enhance sexuality, the speed of karma, and bring past experiences to life.

5. Citrine

Citrine's powers work in many different ways. From success to prosperity to good luck, you can really cash in on the benefits by purchasing this crystal. Plus, it energizes the Solar Plexus and Navel Chakras by focusing on personal power and decision making.

6. Fluorite

You may want to bring some fluorite to your next test. This gem enhances your memory and other intuitive abilities by working on your grounding and spiritual energy. If you're looking to connect your mind with universal thought or spirit, look into getting some fluorite, too.

7. Fuchsite

Nothing's better than some good ole self healing and reflection with help from fuchsite. By further developing inspiration and meditation skills, you can receive better emotional and physical flexibility.

8. Hematite

Anyone who needs to feel stable in their mind and body should gravitate towards hematite. This crystal grounds and balances you, so the negative energy that may surround you can not infiltrate your headspace. Hematite is known to create a protective barrier around your aura to block bad thoughts.

9. Malachite

Need some protection for travels or possible accidents? Look into buying some malachite. You can receive both ends of success from this stone, too, as it brings luck to future endeavors and blocks any negative business associations from arising. It also releases suppressed emotions.

10. Moonstone

Moonstone brings a flow of energy that often feels like a smooth touch of deep, healing waters. Receiving power from the Mother Moon, expect a nourishing and sensual aid from this stone. It especially improves the wellbeing of women.

11. Obsidian (Black or Blue)

Any type of obsidian can help you become more grounded in life. Black obsidian protects you spiritually and allows you to get in touch with your deepest fears and how to overcome them. Blue obsidian channels your psychic connection, more so in spiritual pursuits.

12. Pyrite

Symbolizing the sun, pyrite shields your mind and body from negative energies. It adds abundance and stability to your everyday life, forming a positive mindset. Pyrite also helps with harnessing one's masculinity.

13. Quartz (Rose or Smoky)

Bring some love into your life with rose quartz; it helps the heart open to any type of love, whether it be romantic, friendship, or familial. You can also reach inner peace with it, too. Smoky quartz gets you in tune with survival instincts. This crystal removes fatigue and adds focus to your life.

14. Rhodonite

Everyone goes through deep, emotional pain in their life. With rhodonite you can process and remove this pain and find serenity. This crystal can also dispel abusive or self-destructive behavior and allow you to evoke the mediator within you.

15. Selenite

By receiving the clearest state of mind through selenite, one can receive more awareness. The crystal channels angelic protection and washes away any negative thoughts or presence. With meditation, it can tap into many types of spiritual improvements.

16. Tourmaline (Black or Pink)

With black tourmaline, expect the expansion and strengthening of both body and spirit. It protects and grounds you by connecting your human spirit with the Earth. Pink tourmaline taps into your heart chakra and channels joy and enthusiasm into your everyday life. It can also release guilt, worry, depression, and other anxieties.

17. Wulfenite

Get a much-needed transformation with wulfenite. This crystal brings creativity and massive healing through its connection to Earth. Plus, not only does it build personal development but cleanses the mind of past relationships or issues that still have open wounds.

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