Cry. Sleep. Repeat.

Ah, finals week—It's a devilish time that comes twice a school year. No matter how hard we try, we have to get through finals some way or another. So take a deeeeep breath, pour yourself another cup of coffee, relax, and remember that you will get through this week somehow. Maybe. Possibly.

Wait. It's Sunday already? Tomorrow starts finals week, and I haven't studied yet.

But, this is fine—I can write three papers and study for two tests by Wednesday. It'll happen.

Let's get down to business. I can do school, right?

Why does this essay have a 3,000 words minimum? I can say the same thing in 50.

When did we learn this in class? I literally do not remember any of this material.

OK, just kidding. This is impossible. I can't do this.

Wow I'm really hungry. School work really works up an appetite. I'm gonna be up all night with this paper, so I should order a pizza.

Wait.. What do you mean I only have .45 cents in my bank account?

How does this always happen? Didn't I just get paid Friday? Can I buy a pizza for 45 cents anywhere?

Oh my god, It's 9:30. It's been two hours, and I still know nothing.

College looked so easy in all the movies. Time to start googling jobs for college drop outs.

Maybe I should just go to sleep. I read once that it's better to sleep than pull an all-nighter.

There's always next semester. Right?

Wait. I haven't showered in three days. Thats gross. I'm repulsive.

But, I also reaallly need to study. Adult life is impossible!

OK, Game Plan: Shower, then back to studying. I can't give up. Let's focus up.

Wait. "Elf" is on? That is important. It's only playing eight times this month, and I've missed the first three showings. Can't miss this.

Finals can wait a little longer.

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