Who Should Really Be On Your Cross-Country Road Trip Playlist
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Who Should Really Be On Your Cross-Country Road Trip Playlist

Add these artists to your road trip playlist, and you will have the perfect playlist in a matter of seconds.

Who Should Really Be On Your Cross-Country Road Trip Playlist

Music often has a way of shaping the way we feel. Whether it’s familiar or not, emotions we never knew we had can take over our being. This is why I have crafted a unique playlist of artists that will influence and inspire a cross-country or not-so-cross-country road trip. Don’t believe me? Take a listen.

1. The Lumineers

This folk-rock group doesn’t just touch base on a folk-rock sound. They change their sound throughout each and every song, appealing to a wide audience. Go check out their new music that was released this year, and kick back for a killer road trip.

2. The Head and the Heart

The minute I heard The Head and the Heart I knew I would be hooked. The way this indie folk group blends vocals and instrumentals sounds effortless. Their music can range from slow to fast which is perfect for any mood on your road trip.

3. Noah Gundersen

From his mellow, soft tunes to the folk, I-wanna-dance-around-the-room tunes, Noah Gundersen will not disappoint. In most his songs, his sister Abby accompanies him with either violin, cello, piano or vocals. The duo of harmonies will definitely hit my cross country playlist.

4. Joseph

I cannot stress how much I love Joesph. I came across their music on YouTube and ever since then I’ve been hooked. Joseph is an up and coming trio of sisters from Oregon. Their unique layer of harmonies will draw any music lover. With the release of their new album, this only means more of their music can hit your road trip playlist!

5. The Oh Hellos

Personally speaking, The Oh Hello’s song “Hello My Old Heart” was an influential road trip song for me earlier this year. During the road trip, this song sparked excitement and optimism for the up and coming trip I was going to be having. Whenever I hear the song now, it brings back the fun memories I had from that trip and I only wish the same for anyone about to hit the road.

6. Vance Joy

Everyone is familiar with “Riptide," but don’t limit yourself to only songs you know for this road trip. I suggest listening to “Mess Is Mine," “Georgia” and “Fire and the Flood” if you’re looking for more upbeat songs that will inspire you to do as much dancing you can sitting in that car seat.

7. Moon Taxi

Straying from my previous list of indie/folk artists, Moon Taxi is an alternative rock band from Nashville, Tennessee. The energy from their music is contagious and will be the perfect addition to that playlist of yours.

8. Mumford & Sons

Never one to disappoint, Mumford & Sons has a variety of music to jam to. Their music is inspired by many music genres, changing up their sound with each song.

9. Kaleo

Edgy, smoky and somewhat mysterious can describe a voice like Kaleo’s. Kaleo is from Iceland, potentially why he brings a unique yet soothing sound to his one album and multiple released singles.

10. Of Monsters and Men

Another group/artist from Iceland, they caught the eyes of many through their release of “Little Talks." Ever since then, they have been recognized for their enticing sound and head bobbing music. Perfect for any cross-country road trip playlist!

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