The rap game is tough, a lot of people have a lot of stories. Some far worse than others. Most of the heat Cardi got for that incident was pretty excessive. Then I was so annoyed when people wanted to stretch it far enough to compare her to Bill Cosby. No, not even close. Don't you dare put his victim's in the same boat as these men who were only robbed?

If you ever actually listen to rap, and NOT JUST CARDI'S MUSIC THAT PLAYS ON THE RADIO then you probably weren't too bothered by the issue when it hit the news last week. Maybe even laughed at a meme or two.

It's funny because I can find you 30 songs in like two minutes that depict killing and robbing and assault on worse levels than Cardi ever reached. A lot of this heat for Cardi came from those people who only listen to rap music that is appropriate enough to play on the radio but don't ever pay attention to the other side of the rap industry.

Let's be clear here that all you people comparing Cardi's newest controversy to Bill Cosby are WAY out of whack. Cardi never raped these men, never even had intentions of sleeping with these men. She saw an opportunity and she took it.

Criminal as it was, she never raped or sexually assaulted anyone. So get out of here with that Bill Cosby comparison nonsense. Here are other rappers people refuse to recognize for their crimes that are way worse than Cardi.

1. Kodak Black

Armed robbery, kidnapping, child neglect, sexual assault...need I go on?

2. Xxxtentacion

No RIP here for this piece of work. Not only was his music trash, so was he. With multiple felony charges, some of the most notable are assault against his girlfriend, tampering with evidence, and witness harassment..

3. Gucci Mane

Charged with aggravated assault with deadly weapon and drug charges and a few other crimes he spent quite some time behind bars.

4. R. Kelly

Sexual assault and child pornography. Disgusting human being.

5. T.I.

Sent to federal prison for weapons charges.