10 "Criminal Minds" Episodes That Will Keep You Up All Night
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10 "Criminal Minds" Episodes That Will Keep You Up All Night

Don't watch these episodes alone!

10 "Criminal Minds" Episodes That Will Keep You Up All Night
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"Criminal Minds" is the best crime drama on air. No argument. It draws you in with crazy cases, and then you stay because you’ve fallen in love with the characters. And because of



I love this show so so much I could binge watch it all day and never get tired of it (and I do). But sometimes I have to stop, especially at night, because some of the plot lines creep me out so much (and then I learned that some of the episodes are actually based on TRUE STORIES (scroll to bottom for more links!)) and then I start to think it could happen to me and I’m done watching for the night. I’m a very empathetic person. So, I tend to relate to or put myself in the place of the character in a show/movie I’m watching or book I’m reading. Making the sad parts sadder and the creepy parts creepier for me.

So I compiled a list of the top ten creepiest "Criminal Minds" episodes (in my opinion). I tried to put the episodes in an order, with #10 as the creepiest one.

1. “Revelations” – (Season 2, episode 15)

Our beautiful baby Reid is kidnapped and tortured and the team is being sent a live feed of it. And the team only has the UnSub's house and computer to profile.

2."Lo-Fi" and "Mayhem" (Season 3, Episode 20 and Season 4, Episode 1)

Technically these are 2 separate episodes, but the second one is the continuation of the first. The team heads to NYC where people with no connection to each other are being shot in public places. The team starts to think they made a mistake by thinking this was a single shooter. Then the team starts to think everything that happened may have been a diversion for something even bigger.

3. “To Bear Witness” – (Season 9, episode 4)

The team heads to Maryland to help with a case involving a John Doe who cannot speak and has marks on his wrists, and drill marks in the corner of his eyes. The team figures out that this man had just had a lobotomy. Morgan realizes the real reason the victim got away alive, he has a microscopic camera in his eye, and the UnSub has been watching them the whole time.....

4. “Into the Woods” (Season 6, Episode 9)

I really don't like the episodes that involve children, it just adds a creepier factor to them. In this episode, the team is looking for an UnSub who abducted 2 children in the woods. They later find out that he might also be responsible for the murder of more children in the same area. When you finally see the UnSub he will give you chills for days!

5.“Mosley Lane” (Season 5, Episode 16)

The team profiles an UnSub who may have been abducting and keeping children for at least eight years. The UnSub's motive and just themselves, in general, are so so creepy.

6. “North Mammon” (Season 2, Episode 7)

In this episode, a man abducts three teenage girls and locks them in a cellar. Then he makes them choose the two that will live, and they must choose which one will die.

7. “200” – (Season 9, episode 14)

In this episode, the amazingly tough JJ is kidnapped and we learn new information about her past and connections to the new section Chief, Cruz. From the upsetting flashbacks to the ruthless torture this episode disturbed me.

8.“The Lesson” (Season 8, Episode 10)

The team investigates seemingly ritualistic murders in Arizona. Reid, in all his brilliance, cracks the case by suggesting that the UnSub may be using the victims to put on PUPPET SHOWS. Yes, you read that correctly. This twisted guy is using humans as puppets for his enjoyment. *shudders*

9. “Legacy” (Season 2, Episode 22)

Homeless people begin mysteriously disappearing. The BAU believe a local meat plant is behind it, and that they are performing experiments on the people. Prepare your self for the nightmare-inducing maze of torture the UnSub created for his victims.

10. “To Hell… And Back” (Season 4, Episodes 24 and 25)

Again, these are 2 separate episodes, but the second one is the continuation of the first. A man tips off the BAU to several suspected disappearances that may be connected. When the team finally tracks down the potential UnSub, it is not what they thought. Thinking about this episode makes me shudder.

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Comment below what you think and if you think I left a creepy episode off!! Happy watching!!

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