A Credo For Me, And Maybe You
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A Credo For Me, And Maybe You

Credo: (noun) a statement of the beliefs or aims that guide someone's actions

A Credo For Me, And Maybe You

I've always believed as a reader, and as a writer, to have insight about the author you are reading from. In my case, having a little info about the author helps me better understand what I am reading, and why it was written, so since I'm new to writing for the odyssey I decided to share a little information about myself through my credo, before I indulge myself with ranting about politics, or social issues, and the world around us.

I was first approached with the idea of the credo in my 11th grade AP Language class. For those who don't know a credo is a declaration of beliefs, or aims, that guide someone's actions. I loved the idea of a credo because it could be anything I wanted it to be. Its composed of ideas from songs I've heard, movies I've seen, books I've read, and people I've met. My credo could be cynical, or it may be funny, or it may be even meaningful, and it may not even be done. That's one thing I love about credos they're never really complete, which leads to an endless amount of ideas to add to it in the future. Anyway, here's a little intro to me, my beliefs, and the world I see (#6 is my favorite).

1. Do not let anyone tell you coffee isn't a necessity.

As I would say during the school year, "A coffee a day keeps your grade an A." Sleep is for the weak when you have shots of espresso in your system. I repeat, coffee is necessity.

2. The only way out of the labyrinth of suffering is to forgive.

This is from my favorite novel, "Looking for Alaska," by John Green. Forgiveness is something everyone must learn in life even though it may not be everyone's favorite thing. Whether it's a friend, or your family, or even yourself you need to forgive, and even if it's the hardest thing to do, what will come from this forgiveness is freedom from the labyrinth you have been stuck in.

3. Pain is necessary.

Pain has never been a enjoyable feeling, whether it's physical pain or emotional pain it has never been fun, but without pain you will never realize what love, or happiness, or joy is. Without pain we could never measure or realize the love we receive or have for others.

4. Eat the slice of cake.

I know many calorie counters, and I feel bad for them. The calories constantly consuming their every thought, and my advice to them and to everybody is eat that slice of cake or, pie, or whatever you like it will not hurt you.

5. " If not us, then who? If not now, the when?" John Lewis.

If we have the power to change the world, then why not change it? we cannot wait and let the next era try to change it if we have the power now. Just the smallest of acts can make this country and this world a better place. for example voting, even if the candidates are not idle (cough, cough) your vote will affect the future of millions. To not vote is like wasting an amazing opportunity someone else would have loved to have.

6. We have nothing without unity.

In the wake of many tragedies, it has come to my attention that this country, this world is not united. We are " one nation under God," yet it feels like we are parts of a nation. People are too concerned with things that shouldn't matter. We're too busy wondering whose lives matter to realize all lives matter. We're to busy caring about someone's sexual orientation, rather then their personality or character. We're too wrapped up in the little thing that we forget that we are all human, we're all equal, and we all need to united as one.

Maybe the world would be a better place with my credo, or maybe it won't, but I know it makes me better. Even though I may not recite it every day, it makes up my actions, it makes me who I am.

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