I'm In Creative Writing In Order To Have A Voice In Literature

I'm In Creative Writing In Order To Have A Voice In Literature

"The most important thing you can do as artists is to appreciate art and let yourself be moved by art."


"Why are you in creative writing? Why are you in this class?" a substitute posed to my creative writing workshop class on the craft of prose. She was an MFA graduate from my university, a poet, and co-editor, alongside my professor of the required book for the class.

The room was silent. A nervous tension sprouted through the air as the eyes of my peers darted around the room at everyone else.

One boy took the plunge. "I think everyone's waiting for someone to say the obvious answer. When most people ask that question, there's scorn behind it. Creative writing; why would you do that? I'd like to write and publish something."

We get turned into a joke. I wouldn't disagree. She asked a loaded question.

"So you want to be a writer, then?" the substitute responded to his inquiry.

"More or less, yeah."

One girl spoke up. "I want to be a teacher and advising told me I'd have a better shot if I did the creative writing option for the English major instead of the literature option. I also want to publish a book, but I don't necessarily want to be a writer."

Answers from other students filtered into the conversation.

"I like to write."

"I've always loved stories."

"I want to improve my writing."

"I wanted to try writing in different styles I normally wouldn't use."

Listening to the comments from my classmates, I reflected on my own answer to the question.

I knew I wanted to write, edit, secure a position in the publishing industry, and author a book along the way. I don't need creative writing workshops to accomplish these. Why was I in the creative writing program? There's no promise of monetary gain. It can aid my future goals, personal and career oriented, but like I mentioned, it's not necessary for them.

I want to tell stories. I want people to listen to them. I want to write poetry that moves people.

Writing is the one thing I can do well and I want to develop my craft. I want to have a voice in writing so crisp it could cut paper, color walls, curl floorboards, and chill bones like winter weather.

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8 Things You Should Never Say To An Education Major

"Is your homework just a bunch of coloring?"

Yes, I'm an Education major, and yes, I love it. Your opinion of the field won't change my mind about my future. If you ever happen to come across an Education major, make sure you steer clear of saying these things, or they might hold you in from recess.

1. "Is your homework just a bunch of coloring?"

Um, no, it's not. We write countless lesson plans and units, match standards and objectives, organize activities, differentiate for our students, study educational theories and principles, and write an insane amount of papers on top of all of that. Sometimes we do get to color though and I won't complain about that.

2. "Your major is so easy."

See above. Also, does anyone else pay tuition to have a full-time job during their last semester of college?

3. "It's not fair that you get summers off."

Are you jealous? Honestly though, we won't really get summers off. We'll probably have to find a second job during the summer, we'll need to keep planning, prepping our classroom, and organizing to get ready for the new school year.

4. “That's a good starter job."

Are you serious..? I'm not in this temporarily. This is my career choice and I intend to stick with it and make a difference.

5. “That must be a lot of fun."

Yes, it definitely is fun, but it's also a lot of hard work. We don't play games all day.

6. “Those who can't, teach."

Just ugh. Where would you be without your teachers who taught you everything you know?

7. “So, you're basically a babysitter."

I don't just monitor students, I teach them.

8. “You won't make a lot of money."

Ah yes, I'm well aware, thanks for reminding me. Teachers don't teach because of the salary, they teach because they enjoy working with students and making a positive impact in their lives.

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7 Reasons Why Being An Education Major Is The Best Decision You Can Make In College

Everyone has pride in their major, but us education majors are ones to beat.


Before and throughout college, I changed my major roughly five times. It was such a tough decision for me, but I finally landed on the perfect one for me and that was education. Here are the reasons why being an education major is hands down the best:

1. We get to help others 

A huge reason I stepped into this degree was because I knew I would get to make a difference - small or large.

2. We play a big part in how the future will look like 

Did you ever think about that? Teachers get to help shape the kids of the future by how the classroom is run.

3. Studying education makes you appreciate education 

I have always loved school, but not as much as I do now. I have found a strong passion for education and the value it holds.

4. We get to be role models 

Some of those kids who walk through the door won't have anyone at home rooting for them, or they will, but your encouragement and push will help drive them to succeed.

5. We get to create a fun and effective learning environment 

I have learned what I do and do not want my classroom environment to be just through the teachers that I have had.

6. No one can do my job without the teaching license 

This for me has created job security knowing that no one can take my job without also having gone through the education, student teaching, and testing that I have.

7. Teachers will ALWAYS be needed 

Education will never go away, so neither will we as teachers.

I am honored, to say the least, to be able to be a teacher one day. It is something that I cherish and will work my hardest at being one of the greats.

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