Multiple people throughout the world struggle in classes, and for many different reasons. It could be due to a family tragedy, too much partying or video games, mental health issues (depression, anxiety, etc), too many breaks during studying, lack of breaks during studying, or lack of motivation as well as many more reasons. As a student who has admittedly struggled a decent amount in college, motivation and making sure to take enough breaks were two things I was struggling with during my freshman year. I rarely gave myself breaks during studying, and when I did it ended up being a much longer break than just 10 minutes. With motivation, I just felt like I didn't have anything to look forward to after classes, causing me to want to do my work less and less. Then I began drawing more regularly and my grades began improving.

Before my grades began improving, I had already been drawing occasionally, but mostly only for cards that I would give to my family members or good friends. I never thought I was very good until I began getting compliments, which resulted in pushing me to continue this hobby. My mind would be stuck on finishing my drawings throughout the day, and when I finished my artwork, I would be filled with satisfaction. Of course, my motivation didn't reappear at the snap of my fingers. It took a while and I'm still working on it, but having something in my life that I enjoy and also continues to keep my mind working when I'm not doing work has definitely helped me.

Now, just because the creative outlet that happened to help me was drawing doesn't mean that it has to be yours. Yours could be singing, writing, playing a musical instrument, dancing, painting, as well as many other activities. You also don't have to be good at the activity to have it help. As long as its something you enjoy doing and it doesn't cause you even more stress, it's worth trying.

In the end, creative outlets can do more for you than just be a hobby. Of course, not everyone needs one, and some people may even work more efficiently without one, but if you aren't that person there's no harm in trying. Who knows, maybe you'll be extremely talented at the activity you happen to choose.