It's hard to not look at your favorite celebrity, influencer, or public figure and think, "I wish I could do what they do."

I personally have this problem a lot. I take most of my inspiration from Instagram, and while most times I take this inspiration to move myself forward, other times I tend to have that annoying thought in the back of my head telling me that I could never be like them.

As a creative mind, I am always searching for new ways to bump up my creative content and step out of my comfort zone. The most popular time for this to happen—and when it usually happens for most people—is on vacations or during travel times. This makes sense though, right?

These times give you the opportunity to take cute pictures to post about, letting everyone know where you are and how amazing your life is then. Very rarely does this creative content or photos come from your everyday life. I mean, what's so exciting about that?

Often times I've noticed that maybe we don't take enough time to stop and appreciate the beauty and opportunities in our everyday lives. While on spring break, I decided to do just that. I packed my bags and went home with a friend from college.

The week before leaving, we sat down and planned out fun photoshoots and things to do in her hometown that maybe she would have never thought about doing before. Instead of just sitting around watching Netflix, we sought out places in her hometown that we felt should be shown and appreciated.

In doing this, we found cute spots around town, including a popcorn store, coffee shops, a hidden vintage store, and the public library, all of which we felt represented the town in their own different ways.

In taking a step back this week to appreciate the little details of my friend's hometown, I came to realize this thought: you don't need to live in a big city or state to portray a luxurious lifestyle.

I'll admit that I was one of the people who wanted to get out of my small farm town in the middle of nowhere in Iowa. It's really easy to get sick of a place that you've been around your whole life.

No matter what beauty lies around you, you begin to stop noticing it because it's always been there. Traveling gives the opportunity to see new places and experience a new life as you notice the little details all around you that make that moment memorable.

In challenging myself this week to seek moments and beauty in all creative content no matter where I am, I've realized that if you open your eyes a little wider, location doesn't matter when you're able to create with every beautiful detail that is presented to you.