50 Little Things To Appreciate In Life

In life, it is so easy to go through the motions and forget about the beautiful things that should definitely not be taken for granted. Our days become repetitive, the hard times get harder, and our experiences can become dull. Sometimes, it's helpful to step back and look at the things that are truly magical wonders within this crazy thing we call life. Here are some of my favourites.

1. The breakthrough of spring.

2. Warm weather.

3. Feeling the sun on your skin.

4. Sitting in the grass and hearing the birds chirp.

5. Seeing people happily in love.

6. Knowing that even if you aren't the one happily in love, the next day holds another possibility to be.

7. Warm hugs.

8. Friends that make you laugh.

9. Family.

10. A good meal.

11. Chocolate.

12. Music that speaks to your soul.

13. Cats.

14. Also, dogs.

15. Cuddles.

16. Good movies.

17. Having things to be passionate about.

18. Seeing old married couples.

19. Seeing someone cry of happiness.

20. Changing someone's life with just one act of goodness.

21. The butterfly effect.

22. Genuine smiles.

23. People who hold doors.

24. Seeing people advocate for love and equality.

25. Kindness.

26. Authenticity.

27. The enneagram.

28. Spontaneous adventures.

29. Hand written letters.

30. Phone calls from people who mean a lot to you.

31. Good books.

32. Great theatre.

33. Being able to sleep in a bed.

34. Cozy blankets.

35. Raspberries.

36. Chicken. Nuggets.

37. Forgiveness.

38. Self love.

39. Seeing someone that you after a really long time and having a cinematic reunion.

40. The smell of flowers.

41. Dancing in the rain.

42. Accepting the beauty even in the times when life feels most messy.

43. Forehead kisses.

44. Hope for better days.

45. Activism for a better world.

46. Nature, which connects us all.

47. Comfortable silences.

48. Untainted humanity.

49. A gorgeous sunset.

50. Love, love, and LOVE.

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