Crazy Conspiracy Theories

I, like many other people, LOVE conspiracy theories. There are theories on pretty much everything, which is why so many people find themfascinating. I will be the first to admit that some of these theories are super far-fetched but others really have you questioning everything. Do I believe all of them? Of course not! But, I find them super interesting to read, so I have compiled a list of some of the weirdest theories I have heard.

Titanic Didn't Sink

Most of us will agree that the Titanic is one of the most well know ships that has ever set sail. This massive ship sunk on April 15, 1912, killing 1500 of the 2224 passengers and crewmembers on board. The RMS Titanic was built around the same time as two other ships, the RMS Britannic and the RMS Olympic. The Olympic first launched about a year before the Titanic and in that time span the ship got into two pretty serious accidents. Rumor has it that the company who built the ships, White Star Line, lied about the extent of the damage and all of the repairs sent them into major financial trouble. The conspiracy theory states that the Titanic and the Olympic, two similar looking ships, swapped places so it was actually the Olympic that sunk. This would allow White Star Line to collect insurance money that would help them get out of debt. Theorists believe this because the number of portholes on the ship changed. Before the Titanic set sail, it had 14 portholes. However, on the day it left, it had 16, the same number as the Olympic. There also happened to be a massive strike amongst employees during this time. Thousands of men were refusing to work on the boats despite any amount of money offered to them. It is said that rumors of the insurance fraud were being passed around the employees, which could be a reason they refused to work on the ship. Lastly, JP Morgan, owner of White Star Line's parent company, cancelled his trip last minute, claiming he was sick. However, Morgan was seen in perfect health on the day the Titanic sunk. He also wasn't the only wealthy and well-known person to cancel last minute. Is it possible JP Morgan knew in advance and spread the word to his friends to keep them safe? Maybe. Is this theory true? I honestly can’t say, but it definitely is an interesting take on the events of that tragic day.

Glass in Lip Balm

This conspiracy theory claims that lip balm companies put microscopic pieces of glass into their product in order to slightly cut up your lips. The theory continues to say that the little cuts on your lips cause them to feel chapped, which results in more lip balm being used. There are a lot of sources claiming this to be false, but alas people are stubborn and there are still theorists who claim this is true.

The Earth is Hollow

This theory is slightly crazy and there is so much information so I am keeping it to the basics. This theory states that the Earth is hollow, but not completely empty. It is believed that there is a sun and an entire civilization in the center of the Earth. Those that believe this hollow Earth theory actually believe that reptiles created humans. Theorists say that these reptiles are apart of the civilization that lives in the inner core of the Earth and they created humans as a source of food. Now you might be asking yourself, “If reptiles run the human world, why have we never seen them?” Well, theory supporters say that UFO sightings are actually reptile sightings. Okay now take a deep breath, because it gets crazier. The inner core civilization consists of more than just reptiles. It is believed that a species of Giants live in the center of the Earth with the Reptiles. And if that’s not crazy enough for you, it is also believed that some Germans live there too. Some people believe that Germans made it to the center of the Earth and arranged a deal with the Reptiles and Giants, now Adolf Hitler is chilling in the center of the Earth. Along with Reptiles, Giants, Germans, and Hitler, theorists say there are herds of woolly mammoths and assorted creatures that live up to 1700 years old that also reside there. After hearing about the residents of the inner core, I am not interested in visiting but if you are, there are three entrances to inner Earth--one at each pole and one in the Himalayan Mountains. If an entrance is found, the guards will usually turn any humans away. However, there are people who claim they were able to slip by them when they weren’t paying attention. People claim that you can stay for a lengthy period of time, with some people reportedly staying there for over a year! And just when you think it can’t get any crazier, theorists say our entire world is actually inside of another hollow planet. They believe they can prove this by measuring coastlines around the world. Scientists do believe the world could be concave but they don’t exactly believe there is an inner Earth. However, Hamilton, Ohio does believe this theory and they have an entire monument dedicated to John Symmes JR, a lecturer from the 1800s who believed the Earth was hollow. Just note though, he never mentioned any thought of their being reptiles or mammoths living there. Personally, I find this theory to be crazy, but the amount of thought put into this idea is insane. I strongly recommend continuing research on this subject because there are a ton of articles out there, including first hand accounts from people who claim to have made it to inner Earth.

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