Crush the Voices Inside Your Head

Crush the Voices Inside Your Head

The voices you choose to believe can and will determine the future you experience

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"What is it you're looking for in this endless quest? Tranquility. You think if only you can acquire enough worldly goods, enough recognition, enough eminence, you will be free, there'll be nothing to worry about; instead, you become a bigger and bigger slave to how you think others are judging you." - Tom Wolfe, A MAN IN FULL

Let's face it. As human beings, we have thousands of thoughts that go through our mind each and every day. Did you know that it is completely normal to have negative thoughts that swoop in your mind daily? It's what you choose to do with these thoughts. Are you going to dwell on them and let them control your life and your emotions? Or are you going to process them, and put those thoughts to the side? Negative thoughts can become our reality if we are not careful enough. But, If we are constantly renewing our mind and recognizing this, the positive thoughts will start to override the negative ones. If we are careful enough, we can put an end to the negative thoughts that are controlling our life and our thinking pattern. It's most certainly a process, and it is easier said than done. But it will take work. Are you willing to recognize the pattern of your thought process, and are you willing to choose the positive ones even when it's overbearing? The voices you choose to believe can and will determine the future you experience.

So, how do we do it? We crush the chatterbox.

We quit comparing our lives to other people's highlight reels.

We are all on the same page here-

We are all facing the same chatterbox and noise.

Maybe we are believing lies that we are not good enough.

It's up to ME to put an end to the negative thoughts.

It's up to ME to recognize the positive thoughts, and pursue my way to positive thinking and to break out of old mentalities.

It's up to ME to find confidence in myself and help from the mighty one who sees me as beautifully and wonderfully made.

It is up to ME to transform my way of thinking, and the thought pattern I may have grown up with.

Have you ever heard the saying- "fake it 'til you make it?"

We need to start making decisions based off of our positive thoughts. This is crucial, and what a life-changing moment this could be to those who start doing this.

I see too many people living out of insecurity because of the negative thoughts that are entering their mind daily. I see people miss their full potential because they are letting these thoughts get the best of them. I see many people hold back, when in reality- we need them to be who they were created to be. We need to decipher what's real, and what is not. We need to start recognizing how our thoughts are impacting our life right now. Because if we don't, we may be letting our emotions get the best of us.

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