You’ve made your decision, to Walsh University you will go! Freshman year is a challenge, an adjustment, and there are some things you should know…

Classes, professors, and more.

This is the actual reason you are here: an education. There is a learning curve between high school and college classes. No one is looking out for you now. You are on your own. Word of advice: go to class. It is true that if you miss a day, you miss a lot. Get up for the early classes and take a nap later. It is more important to get the information. Once there were only five people in my 20-person class and my professor reviewed all the material with us and gave us specific test questions because no one else was there. It really will be in your best interest to go to class.

Your professors are there to teach you, but also to help you. Go to their office hours and ask for help when struggling with class. Also stop by the tutoring center for some peer tutoring and help with subjects you are struggling in. Professors are also helpful when scheduling classes. Building strong connections with professors is important, especially for recommendations you may need later on.


Best meals at the Scherve: Mac n’ Cheese bar, Italian Days and Brunch

Grille: The best meal at the Grille is by far the Grilled Chicken Sandwich, but they have a ton of great options for in-between classes!

Use the to-go container. It is a one-time purchase of $5 and definitely useful. If you don’t want to wash them, you can bring your dirty to-go box for a new, clean one. Make sure you don’t go hungry and take some food back to your dorm for late-night studying.

The Bucket- The on-campus convenience store located in the Towers Connector has everything you need! Ben and Jerry’s is a personal favorite of mine from the Bucket.

RA’s and Peacemakers

The RA’s are there to make sure you enjoy your life in the dorms and at Walsh and stay safe. If you have any questions at all they are a great people to ask. Whether it is roommate problems, not sure where your philosophy class is, or you need a friend for dinner, RA’s can help you out. They are all awesome people and make great friends.

Peacemakers work with Residence Life and Campus Ministry and live in the freshman residence halls to help your transition. The peacemaker is there for the students to help them whenever they need it. They can be a shoulder to cry on, a person to share things with, and of course, a great friend.

How to Get Involved

Campus Ambassadors: The faces of Walsh University. These are the tour guides and students who help with open houses, shadows and overnights.

Agape: A religious retreat taking place September 16-18. A wonderful weekend to meet new people and grow in faith!

Dance Marathon: A 17-hour dance marathon benefitting the Children’s Miracle Network. A long, yet rewarding night filled with fun and dancing!

Clubs for your major: From pre-professional, theology, and education clubs, you can always find one to be involved in. And you don’t have to be in the major to join!

Discover: This freshman retreat takes place in January and is a fantastic weekend. You get the opportunity to meet your class and learn from upperclassmen.

Congrats on your decision! Walsh is so excited to welcome you!