Having A Crappy Car Described By The Office
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Having A Crappy Car Described By The Office

You love your car, when it's not in the garage every other week.

Having A Crappy Car Described By The Office
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Having a car can be a life saver, the reason you have a job, or the reason you can get to school, but they can be a huge pain sometimes. Being in college means that money is a little tight, and not every problem can get fixed right away when it costs any more than twenty dollars. Chances are if you have a less than mediocre car, you find yourself in a car garage in a majority of your spare time. Although it can get you to where you need to go, the chances that you may break down on the way there is a factor you've come to accept.

1.) When Someone Rides In Your Car And Tells You You Have To Get Something Checked.

Thank you for trying to be helpful, but I probably already know. Not because I know everything about cars, but I've had to get it fixed for months now and am still trying to find the money to do so.

2.) Going To The Garage For An Oil Change And Coming Out With Having To Get $600 Worth Of Repair.

"You shouldn't drive your car until..." We've all heard it. It's a prime example of the angel and the devil on your shoulders. Do you take the risk and not get it fixed or do you just not buy textbooks for the next three semesters?

3.) You Failed Your Inspection.

At this point, you just have to laugh at yourself. Swallow the pain, and cough up the money. There's no other way you can get to work.

4.) Going To A Different Garage And They Give You A Lower Price For The Same Repair.

You've driven to three different towns just to find someone who can fix your car in your price range. Finally, just as you were about to do it yourself, a friend of a friends cousin is a mechanic in a town you've never heard of, and you can finally get your car fixed.

5.) Finally Making A Friend Who Likes To Work On Cars.

It's not like you're friends with them because they like cars, but it certainly is nice having someone to turn to when your car starts making that noise again.

6.) When You Knew The New Mechanic At Your Garage Is Telling You You Need To Get More Fixed. And You Know It's Totally Unnecessary.

He or she is new, and they think that they're going to get so much more money out of you. Here's a secret, if you need five grand worth of repair, you either don't, or you REALLY shouldn't be driving that car.

7.) When Your Garage Keeps Your Car Way Longer Than Expected.

"Sorry the part didn't come in today, but it should be in by the end of tomorrow." This car is the staple of your entire day, if you don't have that, you may as well spend the entire day in bed.

8.) When One Of Your Friends Is About To Tell Your Parents About Your Car Situation.

You're generous to invite them to a family event, the last thing you need is your parents to worry.

9.) When Your Mechanic Is Speaking Car Language Way Too Fast For You.

Your mechanic is explaining what was wrong with your car and how they fixed it, under the assumption you just understood what they were talking about.

10.) Finally, By Some Miracle , You Got Your Car Fixed.

The feeling is great, it probably won't last too long, so ignore that for now and celebrate.

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