9 Ways To Get Cozy This Winter
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9 Ways To Get Cozy This Winter

It doesn't matter if you live in Los Angeles of Toronto, it's always time to get cozy!

9 Ways To Get Cozy This Winter
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Do you feel that? Of course you do, it's freezing! Fear not, for the following is a list of 9 simple things you can use to cozy up and warm those goosebumps.

1. Cozy Blankets

Of course. The classic case of a bundle of blankets, layered on top of you wherever you perch. I find a nice checker pattern to be a comforting and calming look, plus they're definitely the softest. No contest.

2. Many Pillows!!!

When you look at a bed, do you see a space taken up just by the comforter or blankets? Absolutely not! Pillows are freaking EVERYWHERE, and yes, I also mean those ridiculous decorative pillows that end up tossed to the floor because they're too small or awkward for comfort. But that isn't to say having a nice pile of large, warm, fluffy pillows doesn't add to your coziness.

3. Socks?

The age old question of "do you sleep with or without socks" has no business when it comes to being cozy and keeping warm. Never let anyone tell you that wearing fun holiday socks that are extra-fuzzy-thick is a bad idea. You can never be too comfortable. Never. So allow yourself to be swallowed by the near pounds of fluff you decide to sandwich yourself in between. You deserve it.

4. Hot Cocoa!

If you search "cozy by a fire" you are bound to see some images of a cup of hot chocolate with that enticing steam rising, beckoning you to share in its warmth. This is a two-fold success choice, assuming you love chocolate. Right? If not, or there's a better reason you can't drink it, fret not, for there exists. . .

5. Coffee!!!

Or really any espresso drink. Mochas, cappuccinos, lattes, and Americanos are all in the ballgame this winter season, and your favorite coffee shop definitely has some exciting flavors of each to try. Though I'm not a fan of mint (because of toothpaste, of course), peppermint flavored drinks are always flooding out of Starbucks doors. So if you're feeling really wintry, go out and try that peppermint mocha you hear so much about.

6. Mittens

Or gloves. Or hand coverers (does anyone use this word?). Whatever terminology you prefer, we're all talking about the same thing. Style your snowy look (or just because its really chilly out--LA) with well-chosen mittens that compliment your outfit and your mood! Snowflakes are iconic, reindeer and Santas are hilarious sometimes, and even those colorful lights ones that can light up at the press of a button. Maybe that last one doesn't exist, but still, mittens are so important to upping your cozy.

7. Hats Galore!

Pom hats! Ear-covering hats! Hipster beanies! The limit does not exist! Well, only for production it does, but that doesn't take away from the importance of covering your noggin. Should you feel like venturing out into the tundra, equip yourself with the most effective, yet stylish as always, hat that will keep your head warm and give you cool points.

8. Fire!

No, don't run. I mean fire in a happy, controlled way! Like a fireplace! As the main photo exemplifies, having a place to sit in front of and warm up is essential to cozy living. You can even dry your wet hats and mittens that you were wearing simply because you read this far ahead in my article (thank you)! But the most important thing for ultimate coziness is. . .

9. Friends

Not the tv show. But grab a few of your best buddies and gather 'round the fire. Tell some fun winter stories or listen to Michael Buble, or really whoever you want, your choice. Your friends are the people who make you smile and feel all good inside, so why shouldn't you include them on your journey towards pure coziness. Whoever you add, just make sure you have a wonderful holiday time!

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