Why COVID-19 Has Taken Over Texas
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COVID-19 Has Taken Over Texas And It's Up To Us To Stop It

Flattening the curve is our responsibility.

COVID-19 Has Taken Over Texas And It's Up To Us To Stop It

March 2020, seems like so long ago, but so much has happened.

Waiting for mandates, from governors, has proven to be futile. Wearing a mask, should not be an option at this point. Currently, as of July 2, 2020, the number of new COVID-19 in cases in Texas is 7,915. The highest since the pandemic has started. Why, though? Why are cases worse now than they were at the start of the pandemic?

The simple answer is that citizens have started going out more, and treating life as if we are NOT living in a pandemic. However, with this is in mind, citizens are solely not to blame. We were only going along with the released restrictions placed upon us! But, as we have seen, those decisions have proven detrimental.

Opening businesses seems to have been done prematurely. Businesses like bars, retail stores, and salons are not essential and have no need to be open. Protecting your health and the health of your loved ones should be far more important!

Opening businesses has also forced employees to return to work, whether they want to or not. Businesses, such as H-E-B, have made it their mission to let their customers know when and where an employee of H-E-B has been tested positive for COVID. That, however, is only one business, respecting the health of their customers, none others are providing such information. This is why shopping at your local JC Penney, could be hazardous. Many companies, such as J.C Penney, do not release when an employee has tested positive for COVID.

Before the newly released mandate that's requiring citizens to wear a facial mask, some employees were required to wear a mask, but customers were not. This did not help in the lowering of the curve, at all. At this point in time, with the rates of patients testing positive for COVID, and deaths at an all-time high, wearing a mask should be normal.

So stay home, and when you need to go out, wear a mask. We are the only ones capable of lowering the curve and coming out of this pandemic. Without us, as people taking this pandemic seriously, we may cause this pandemic to last much longer, than need be.

If you want to see cases, in your area, check out this resource.

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