A Cover Of "The Scientist" By Coldplay

Coldplay has been a personal favorite since the awkward days of middle school. This song, I believe, strikes a chord with many, as lead singer Chris Martin captures both vocally and lyrically the desperation of wanting to return to the start of a once-beautiful relationship.

I believe this song is a cry, an apology, only wishing for forgiveness. Perhaps the pursuer realized their error, or realized just how much this significant other meant to them. But the chase is futile, it seems. The pursuer, taking the image of a scientist, tries to discover, piece together, and figure just how affection fell apart. But no matter these facts or figures, the hard truth is that these "do not speak as loud as my heart." No equation, no formula, can bring their loved one back to them again.

It hurts so much letting go, realizing that no matter the depth of love, no matter how hard we try, that some things are simply not meant to be.

This song is painfully beautiful, and I hope it speaks to you. Enjoy!

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