To The Cousins Who Are So Much More Than Cousins

For The Cousins In Your Life Who Are SO Much More Than Relatives

I couldn't imagine life without my insane, but loving, cousins.


To my cousins,

Let me start off by saying I love you. I couldn't imagine my life without you, and I never want to. I can remember the day most of you were born, I remember holding you for the first time. You are the sisters I never had and the extra little brother I always secretly wanted. I find that all my favorite childhood memories include all of us, together during Christmas time. I remember all of us running around and eating all the food before the party even started, and I remember all of us getting sick because we ate so much.

In my mind, you are more than just cousins. You are my right hand, my shoulder to cry on, my ride or die. I remember talking about my first breakup with all of you, I was genuinely scared for that boy's life. So, to the next boy that breaks my heart, all I have to say is good luck. Thank you for being there for me when I need you the most and thank you for letting me be there for you. Thank you for standing by my side, even when I was wrong; and just know that I will always stand by you.

Nothing makes me happier than when we are all together. You make family functions fun, even when they should probably be serious. You always know how to make someone laugh, and none of you ever fail to light up the room. Even when I am mad at you, you always find a way to make me smile. Thank you for telling me the truth, even when it hurts. I know I am not perfect, yet somehow you always see the best in me.

Because of you, I can take the mistakes I make and turn them into advice for you. Knowing that you look up to me makes me want to be the best person I can be, and just know that even though you are younger I also look up to all of you.

Thank you for wanting me. We might be forced to be family, but we chose to be friends. From when you were only an hour away to now when you are over 300 miles away, we have managed to not only stay close but somehow we have become closer. The love we have for each other is so much more than just 'family' love, it is a love we chose to have. It's the trust and respect we have for each other that keeps us so close when we are so far away.

Thank you for being so much more than just my cousins, thank you for being the people I trust the most, thank you for being my best friends.

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To The Grandmothers Who Made Us The Women We Are Today

Sincerely, the loving granddaughters.

The relationship between a grandmother and her granddaughter is something so uniquely special and something to be treasured forever.

Your grandma loves you like you are her own daughter and adores you no matter what. She is the first person you run to when you have a problem with your parents and she never fails to grace you with the most comforting advice.

She may be guilty of spoiling you rotten but still makes sure to stress the importance of being thankful and kind.

Your grandma has most likely lived through every obstacle that you are experiencing now as a young adult and always knows just exactly what to say.

She grew up in another generation where things were probably much harder for young women than they are today.

She is a walking example of perseverance, strength, and grace who you aim to be like someday.

Your grandma teaches you the lessons she had to learn the hard way because she does not want you to make the same mistakes she did when she was growing up.

Her hugs never fail to warm your heart, her smile never fails to make you smile, and her laugh never fails to brighten your day.

She inspires you to be the best version of yourself that you can be.

You only hope that one day you can be the mother and grandmother she was to you.

A piece of girl’s heart will forever belong to her grandma that no one could ever replace.

She is the matriarch of your family and is the glue that holds you all together.

Grandmothers play such an important role in helping their granddaughters to grow into strong, intelligent, kind women.

She teaches you how to love and how to forgive.

Without the unconditional love of your grandma, you would not be the woman you are today.

To all of the grandmothers out there, thank you for being you.


the loving granddaughters

Cover Image Credit: Carlie Konuch

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Being Close To Your Cousins Is The Best Thing That Can Happen To You

Who needs therapists when you have cousins like mine?


My cousins bring out the best in me. When I'm with them, I am happier. They have played a significant role in shaping my mind and my soul. My cousins are the most meaningful people in my life—my life would be incomplete without them. Here are six reasons why cousins are awesome!

1. They help you define yourself 


My cousins know me inside out. When I find myself in situations where a choice has to be made, be it choosing my career or just another pizza, my cousins have helped me choose—they know me so well! There have been times when my cousins knew things about me that I myself didn't know. It's always good to see yourself through others' eyes, and no one can get as real as your cousins.

2. They inspire you 


Dance is something that I feel I was destined to do. It is one hobby I could never give up. My childhood is marked with memories of my cousin Rishabh and I going crazy to Bollywood songs. His passion and energy acted as my fuel. It is with him that I discovered the dancer hidden within me. His love for dance continues to inspire me each day.

3. They are there for you, no matter what 


My cousins have always been there for me, through thick and thin. They have helped me understand and control my emotions. Who needs therapists when you have cousins like mine?

4. You learn so much from them 


My cousin Shivam formed the image of an ideal elder brother in my life. He always stood with what was right and fought against the wrong. I look up to him because in him I see someone who is wise way beyond his years. I see a nurturing, supportive, patient man who is aware of his words and actions. Being the eldest of us all, he made sure we felt happy and safe. From him, I have learned the importance of selfless love, humility, and of always being right. Growing up with these amazing people that I call my cousins, I learned new things every day.

5. They understand you 


They were there through the hair color phase, the nose ring phase, the Taylor Swift phase, and they never judged you.

6. They're like parents, but cooler 


When you make a mistake, they will correct you. When you cross the line, they will put you back in your place. But when you want to go out partying, they'll also help you pick an outfit!

Cousins are a blessing in disguise. And if you have cousins like mine, oh boy, you must be lucky! My cousins make the challenging path toward adulthood worth walking. They make life worth living. And as we part ways and move into different cities, our hearts will always be together and their lessons always with me.

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