Everyone has a specific music genre they love. My music is country.


It has been a way to cope with my depression. Depression is when your brain is chemically unbalanced.

Country music has that sound that lets me hear it without being able to feel the vibration. Country music is one of those genres where you do not have to even use someone's last name because they're so famous, they only need one name.

I hope one day when I am a parent of a little girl or little boy, he or she will have the heart, like mine, to enjoy country music without being forced too. I want my child to know the true meaning of country music, whether it is today's music or past music.

Country music should be a genre where you can listen to it and not be judged for listening to it. Depression could take a toll on you, and, I mean, in my case, if I didn't listen to country, I wouldn't be able to make it through the day.

Country music is about love and caring for each other.

When you have depression, you know what the lyrics are trying to say. This is how you can escape from the world because you know how to understand the lyrics better and understand what the song is about.

When you're not depressed, you enjoy the music without being forced to know what the lyrics mean.