So, You Think You're A Country Music Fan?
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So, You Think You're A Country Music Fan?

You may not be after reading this.

So, You Think You're A Country Music Fan?

If you are a fan of Luke Bryan, I would stop reading this article. Or keep reading, maybe you will have the same cringing feeling I got after actually listening to the lyrics of his song "Light It Up." Now, I love Luke Bryan as much as the next girl, and you better believe I belt out his songs while I'm in the shower or driving in my car. They are catchy!

One day I was driving down country back roads, but I wasn't in a singing mood. "Light It Up" came on the radio and I was content to just listening to it. This time I actually stopped and listened to the lyrics. I let them sink in.

The first verse contains the following words after Bryan sings about not letting his phone out of his sight after he and his chick fought:

"I blew you up
In the middle of the night again
You were drinking with your friends
You ignored it but you got it"

Ah, so here is the first issue I have with this song. The girl is out with her friends, and instead of giving her space, he decides to blow up her phone with messages. Each person, male or female, has the right to go have a night of fun with their friends. Their significant other should respect that and let them go. Why would you try to ruin a person's night with their friends? How fair is that? They have the right to hang out with other people that is NOT YOU 24/7.

And the chorus goes...

"I get so neurotic about it baby
‘Cause I know you’re reading your phone"

Okay so moving onto issue #2. This problem discusses being neurotic because the girl is reading the messages and not responding. Neurotic is an adjective that means to be unstable, excessively nervous and anxious, or obsessive. This guy (not really Luke Bryan because he is just the one singing the words, not necessarily the man in this situation) is obsessive because his girl is not responding to his messages, on her night out with her friends. Well, I for one would think it to be rude if someone were to constantly be on their phone and ignore the people they are with in the moment.

"I can’t help from going crazy
Thinking you might not be all alone"

Let's stop again and see what's wrong with these words. First off, if you are concerned that your girl is going to hook up with someone else, then there is no trust. No trust equals no relationship. Secondly, if there is a concern about infidelity or a precedent of cheating after a fight, then this is a very toxic relationship that needs to dissipate asap.

" I wake up, I check it, I shower and I check it
I feel the buzz in my truck
And I almost wreck it"

Way too obsessive and addicted. This is a clear addiction to a cell phone (and a girl) and it needs to be yanked out of this dude's hands. Also, if there is this much anxiety in a relationship it is so not healthy. But most importantly, if it gets so bad to the point where you are willing to risk your life on the road to answer a phone call or text, then you have more issues. Compromising your own safety for a girl that has ignored your calls while she was out, and most likely didn't respond to you after she got home, clearly isn't worth your time or the risk of hurting yourself.

"I always got it on me
Just in case you want me"

More obsessiveness and addiction to technology. Also, he looks very desperate in this situation. Making yourself available all the time and putting the ball in someone else's court gives you no control over your own life. Get a grip.

"So, if you’re looking for my love
Then light it up"

Eh, not terrible. Maybe sweet in a way, but still, let's not be desperate for a person who isn't giving you the time of day. Let's analyze verse two now.

"Every time I unlock my screen
I hope I see one of them red lipstick ‘I miss you’ pictures
I’m on your clock, you’re in control
You want me now baby go figure
My worlds at the tips of your fingers"

Issue #45908-- I lost count. Obviously, not a healthy thing these two have going here. She's playing games and he is a sad obsessive puppy dog. They both may have some controlling qualities too.

No need to repeat the Chorus again, we already know the issues there. Such a catchy song with horrible meaning behind it. I love country music, and I will still belt out the songs in my car, but I praise God that after twenty years, I finally know what a healthy relationship looks like. I know the best solution in the situation of "Light It Up." Turn off the phone and kiss that boy bye. Then I would continue to critique the songs of my favorite genre. Isn't life grand?

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