As we get older, we try to get more creative with our costumes. We like to dress up with friends and often times are overwhelmed trying to put something together.

Way back when we were kids we didn't have these problems. If you're like me and have siblings there were definitely some coordinating costumes that your mom or dad bought or, if you were lucky, made. I thought of every cliche costume I wore growing up and I knew everyone else had worn at least one of these costumes before.

So I polled some friends for their best pictures and put together a list of what I think are the most popular costumes every 90's kid wore for Halloween when they were growing up.

1. A Witch

2. Mummy

Last minute with no costume? Your "mummy" probably found some spare ace bandages and medical tape and told you this would be the coolest costume, and no one else would have it. She was right... about the second part. You probably spent most of the night tripping over your unraveling bandages, but who really cared?

3. Raggedy Ann and Andy

In the era of the TRUE Disney Channel, this was a costume that kids and parents both loved. You got to dress-up as your favorite TV character and your mom snagged some great pics, like this one, for her photo album.

4. A Superhero

Superheros were (and still are) all the rage. My all-time favorite superhero is Batman; however, when my mom took me to the store the week of Halloween, all they had left was Supergirl (yes that is a picture of me), so that pretty much left me no choice. I will admit I loved wearing the cape all day.