107 Things To Do While In Quarantine
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107 Things To Do While In Quarantine

Here are some things to do while you're in quarantine to help combat your boredom.

107 Things To Do While In Quarantine

So the Corona virus has hit, and we are all forced to stay away and stay inside. We all know it's a bummer, but I have a list of 107 things you can do while your locked up. This list could never compare to the semester/quarter you lost but it may stop your boredom for a while.

  1. Read the Odyssey.com
  2. Learn a Tik Tok dance
  3. Make a Tik Tok
  4. Scroll through Tik Tok
  5. Read a book
  6. Attend your Zoom class
  7. Do homework
  8. Learn how to make coffee art
  9. Design a house using SketchUp (It's free for students)
  10. Make a playlist
  11. Slide into the Dms of your celebrity crush
  12. Take a shower
  13. Make some instant ramen
  14. Make an actual meal
  15. Rearrange the furniture in your room
  16. Spring clean your closet
  17. Online "window shop"
  18. Make a collage
  19. Facetime your friends
  20. Play game pigeon with your friends
  21. Play the drums using the dishes you have in your house
  22. Sing
  23. Take an online yoga class
  24. Meditate
  25. Do 100 jumping jacks
  26. Annoy your mom
  27. Annoy your dad
  28. Put on a fashion show in your room
  29. Drink water
  30. Walk to your fridge, open it, and then close it
  31. Binge Netflix
  32. Sleep
  33. Draw
  34. Paint
  35. Make a swimsuit
  36. Order a pizza from a small business
  37. Eat the pizza
  38. Play Poptropica
  39. Paint your nails
  40. Go through your old notebooks from childhood
  41. Watch all the Barbie movies and rank them
  42. Take down the patriarchy
  43. Stalk your middle school crush on instagram
  44. Stalk your high school crush on instagram
  45. Stalk your current crush on instagram
  46. Make cookies
  47. Create a powerpoint presentation
  48. Learn some close up magic tricks
  49. Rewatch Gossip Girl/ watch it for the first time
  50. Pierce your ears
  51. Give yourself a tattoo
  52. Cut your hair
  53. Make friendship bracelets
  54. Put on a face mask
  55. Look out your window
  56. Maybe give yourself bangs (It's a bad idea, but you might look cute)
  57. Go through your old photos
  58. Play some phone games
  59. Play solitaire
  60. Learn the lyrics to "Rap God" by Eminem
  61. Read your horoscope
  62. Go on Tumblr
  63. Call your grandparents
  64. Try to do the splits
  65. Learn how to read tarot cards
  66. Do a self-timer photoshoot
  67. Just vibe
  68. Make your bed
  69. Brush your teeth
  70. Make some tea
  71. Put on a really dope outfit
  72. Try a crazy makeup tutorial
  73. Get really good at doing celebrity impressions
  74. Write a screenplay for the one movie idea you had
  75. Stare at a wall
  76. Try on your mom's or dad's clothes
  77. Play Wii
  78. Create a website
  79. Make origami figures
  80. Become an expert on a niche topic
  81. See how long you can hold a handstand
  82. Do an at-home workout
  83. Make a T-shirt
  84. Put some glue on your hands, let it dry, and peel it off
  85. Create a comic book
  86. Take apart a remote control
  87. Make music on Garageband
  88. Clean your room
  89. Make sculptures out of popsicle sticks
  90. Talk in an accent
  91. Do the dishes
  92. Watch Youtube
  93. Message your feet
  94. Write an essay on a topic your passionate about
  95. Prank your family members
  96. Take a bath
  97. Put on a live stream production of a play/monologue you found online
  98. Compliments to your best friends
  99. Blindfold yourself and walk around your house
  100. Wash your hands
  101. Take a personality quiz
  102. Cry
  103. Miss your on campus life
  104. Be positive
  105. Love yourself
  106. Eat everything because your bored
  107. Wash your hands
I hope this helps. I know you would rather be at school with your friends. Take this time as an opportunity to focus on yourself. Stay safe and wash your hands.
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