3 Undeniable Reasons Police Lives Have Always Mattered
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3 Undeniable Reasons Police Lives Have Always Mattered

They signed up for this, they risk their lives for you, and that right there just goes to show what kind of individuals they are.

3 Undeniable Reasons Police Lives Have Always Mattered
The NY Post

I'm not sure about many of you, but I'm getting extremely sick and tired of hearing about our law enforcement getting shot on duty, so here's a little article and rant about why this needs to be put to a stop immediately.

Since when do police officers lives don't matter? WHY are we holding up signs that say "Police Lives Matter" when they should ALWAYS matter? Why are we saying ALL cops are bad?

Yeah, there's going to be a few bad cops, just like there are a few bad doctors... hear the news the other day about the "ex" doctor who went into the hospital with a gun?

So are we all the sudden going to assume that every doctor is just like that man? NOPE. Come on people.

It's quite disturbing that people feel the need to target people who are ONLY there to protect them. Half of you talking crap about cops and saying the most DISGUSTING things on social media will run to the cops for help when someone steals from you or you find yourselves in troubling situations.

Quite hypocritical, don't you think?

If you're one of those people that feel the need to jump on this "hate" train about our police force let me smack a little sense into you because I'm so so so sick and tired of hearing/seeing you go off about them.

1. They're just like me and you.

Many of the people that make up our law enforcement are parents, they're someone's brother/sister, and they're someone's child. Do you think that just because they're a police officer, they're not human? Get a reality check, or better yet go live somewhere where the police aren't on the civilians side.

2. Put yourself in their shoes.

Do you ever think how much guts it takes to be a police officer? What it's like to get up every morning, scared for your life about whether or not you'll be targeted today just because of your occupation? They chose this occupation because they love our country, they love the people of it and they are naturally selfless people.

I've said it once before, and I'll say it again... NOT ALL POLICE OFFICERS ARE BAD!!!!!!

3. Now put yourself in the shoes of someone that just lost their loved one.

Can you imagine being a son/daughter/husband/wife/parent of someone that represents our law enforcement? Can you imagine seeing everything that's been happening lately, and how you would feel knowing that your loved one goes out there every day and is unappreciated for their service?

Now imagine being the one that just lost their loved one in the line of duty.

Losing someone is beyond horrible, it's a grieving process that never ends. But imagine the reason for your loved ones death wasn't because they were sick or because of their age but was because of the fact that they're a police officer.

All they did that day was go to work, to protect the lives of people who don't appreciate them and that think they should be murdered.

With all of this hate going on with the police and the recent murders, do police officers stop showing up to work? No. They signed up for this, they risk their lives for you, and that right there just goes to show what kind of individuals they are.

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