Cooper & Gatlin Talk New Acoustic Track, "Like You"

Left-of-center brother-sister pop duo Cooper & Gatlin have been quickly gaining popularity. Their debut single, "Break," already racked up 400,000+ streams on Spotify. Following the release of their second single, "Like You," the pair recorded an acoustic, stripped down version to make the serious lyrics even more memorable to listeners.

Watch and listen to "Like You - Acoustic" here.

Odyssey: The original version of "Like You," while having a fun and easy to dance to beat, is actually about something more serious that many children and adults have dealt with - a toxic parent-child relationship. How do you think re-releasing this song as an acoustic version will help people listen deeper?

Cooper & Gatlin: That's a great question. We always like doing acoustic versions of our songs because that's how we usually write them. Since all the other production elements are stripped away, you're left with just the chords, lyrics, and melody. We hope with this release that the heart and soul of the song really shines through.

O: You guys grew up touring with your mom and in your dad's music studio, so I'm assuming your relationship with your parents isn't like the one you observe in "Like You." How has your relationship with your parents impacted your music?

CG: Yeah, we always joke about how Like You is NOT about our parents. Ha. They're 100% the reason that we're doing music now. They've worked so hard for us, and have supported us and helped us grow into the people and musicians we are today.

O: Did your parents help foster your close older brother/younger sister relationship?

CG: Definitely! We were both homeschooled growing up, so we spent a lot of time together as a family. We also would travel back and forth from Nashville to LA for acting when we were younger, so it would be just the two of us and our mom for months at a time. In that kind of environment, you kind of have to learn to get along, cause there's no escaping each other. Ha. So it was really great when we both discovered our love for music, and our parents were always encouraging of us creating music together.

O: What's next for Cooper & Gatlin? Will there be any new singles, an EP, or a tour?

CG: We just landed in Nashville to prep a new single, actually! We have a few songs lined up for back to back releases that we are really excited for everyone to hear. Definitely keep an eye out on our socials for all kinds of info and updates on the stuff we have in the works!

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