10 Things That Seem Cool When You First Get Home For Break

1. Sleep until the cows come home.

Yeah, sure, sleep is all we've dreamed about for the last semester, but as it turns out, there can be too much of a good thing sometimes. Rolling out of bed at noon every day ironically gets tiring very quickly.

2. Not having to deal with people.

It's fun for the first day. Maybe even for the first week if you're an introvert. But eventually, the craving for human contact will get to you. Unless you're one of those people whose friends with the entire street, you need people to hang out with.

3. Doing whatever you want.

You can totally do whatever you want! No obligations to stop you! Except...wait...parents exist. Rules exist. You now have to deal with a curfew. And semantics. Doing whatever you want is now five times harder, dangit.

4. Watching all of the Netflix.

All four seasons of the Great British Bake Off? Check. Finished Friends for the tenth time? Check. The Office? Parks and Rec? How I Met Your Mother? Check, check, check. What are you supposed to do now, start watching a Barbie movie?

5. Eating at home.

It gets a lot harder once you realize you have to make the food and serve it to yourself. And that takes time that we somehow have so much of but have none simultaneously. So what's there to do? Go hungry and wish you were back at the dining hall, maybe. The same goes for when you're hungry at 1 a.m. and you can't sneak into the kitchen to get food.

6. Going out with friends.

Friends! Good times! Food! Drinks! Money! Oh, wait...hang on, is that the sound of a fly buzzing out of your wallet? Mmm, yeah. Really good times. Where are all of the free events around here?

7. Going to work.

It's a good chance to make back all of the money you spent during the semester. Bonus if you like the place you're working at. But going to work means getting up early, and didn't you come home to avoid doing just that??

8. Planning out your future.

It all sounds so majestical when you're not facing it down with all of your other academic responsibilities. But then you remember that your future plans depend on you nailing your academic responsibilities. Back to the Netflix.

9. Trying out all of the new things you never got to try during the semester.

Take up knitting. Maybe a photography class. Or what about that new drink that they've got in town? That takes effort, though...what's effort? Or money? Maybe Netflix is still not a bad idea.

10. Thinking about going back to school.

Next semester's classes seem fun, don't they? Full of possibility and fun stuff! Ha! Ha! Ha! Remember all the papers and exams you had to take? Yeah. Doesn't seem so fun now does it?
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