Dear Cookout,

Thank you for always being open whenever I needed you, which indeed has been 1 AM on weekdays.

Also thanks for being open on all those weird holidays. Now I can take one of my Tinder boys there on Presidents Day. Speaking of boys, I can’t tell you how many times I have very loudly sobbed over one of those 40 delicious milkshakes in the middle of your lobby. The trays. This is the best thing I have ever seen. I can get a burger, chicken nuggets, hush puppies and a drink for less than $7. Seven. Dollars. That’s not even an hours’ worth of pay at my job. Who does that??? Y’all do. You’re the only place where I can just get a crap ton of sides for less than $6. You bet sometimes I just get an order of chicken nuggets. I really want to know how y’all make your fried foods so good. Is someone in the back dipping the hush puppies in heaven?? And the corn dogs?? How did you manage to get the breading so perfect?

Lets talk about the drinks, starting with the cups. It doesn’t matter what size anyone gets it is going to be the perfect ice to drink ratio. The best part of the cups is my drink never gets cold. I am not even a sweet tea person, but id get myself a large tea in a heartbeat.The best part about the inside is being able to wear whatever I want and no one will judge me. My roommate has worn everything between designer clothes to her pjs.I need to take a moment to talk about the drive thru. You have stepped up the game. Everyone is always so nice and you never forget my sauces.

Lastly I want to thank you for helping me make friends in college. Being the young one I often drove the crew to you when Saturday nights had gotten a little too turnt. This is how I bonded with all my friends. Food and friends is the way to go.