23 Next-Level Conversations You Only Have With Mom Once You're A College Lady
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23 next-level conversations you only have with mom once you're a college lady

Mom, PLEASE, can you call the doctor for me? I'm scared.

reese witherspoon and her daughter

Going to college is a whole new experience that most of us ladies will go through. But... some things never change, like texting our Moms every waking hour of the day. I mean, who else am I going to tell all of my problems and thoughts to? If you're a college lady like me, here are 23 things you've probably said to your Mom... and some of them more than once.

1. "I have a hard test coming up and I don't want to take it"

2. "I'm freaking OUT... I AM FREAKING OUT"

I have so much to do and so little time to do it. HOW AM I GOING TO GET IT ALL DONE?!

3. "I literally have no money for the rest of the week"

And... it's only Monday... HELP.

4. "Can I drop out... now?"

5. "Wait... I actually need to go to college. I need this degree."

And of course she responds back with "Yes, yes you do."

6. "Should I join this club?"

This will look so good on a resume and the people are so nice! So, should I do it?

7. "Hey, can I borrow like $20?"

8. "So, I met this guy..."

9. "I'm honestly so glad I am going to college I love what I'm doing."

I'm sure my Mom loves to hear that I'm excited about my major and I know that makes her feel great.

10. "Should I email this professor about this an assignment?"

11. "Boys are still so weird... why?"

And then she reassures you that your Dad still hasn't even grown up.

12. "Should I go out to eat?"

13. "Or should I eat on campus?"

And then she reminds you that you literally just asked her for $20 yesterday and you should probably eat on campus.

14. "I've got like 4 different meetings to go to today"

I have to go to a meeting for this club, and then another one tonight. I'm so busy!

15. "I made a new friend in my class!"

16. I've only missed this class like four time... it'll be okay.

But then she hits your back with that "But don't you want to make an A on that test?"

17. "OMG, you're never going to believe what I just heard!"

18. "Better yet, can you call me real quick?"

19. "I need to ask you something, I promise it won't take long!"

And then you end up talking for like 30 minutes between your classes.

20. "Mom, I am SO bored today."

21. "Can you please send me pictures of our pets?"

22. "I'm so glad my classes are over by lunch time."

23. "I can't wait to see you when I get home!"

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