What Your Favorite Converse Color Says About Your Personality

What Your Favorite Converse Color Says About Your Personality

Everyone has a go-to color — what's yours?

Converse are simply the best shoe, hands down. Going out? Converse. Going on a date? Converse. Working? Converse. The answer is simple, the shoe game is easy. But what does your go to color say about you...

1. White

OK, so you're basic, but hey who cares right? You're clearly a risk taker because we all know white shoes are a bittersweet purchase since it's rare you'll get them to even stay white for more than your first outing in them. You probably either enjoy your party scene or hang out in a coffee shop, maybe even both. I bet you've even ran from the cops at least once in those sparkly white shoes. But face it, you aren't extremely original with your shoe choice. Oh well.

2. Black

You probably have an ever-changing style and we all know black matches basically everything! You're probably super edgy with a bit of badass in you. Black converse are the OG shoes and that most likely is the kind of vibe you give off to people, very original. I'd bet you're a lot of people's go-to especially for a crazy night.

3. Pink

If you're rocking pink converse, first of all, you're awesome, because same. Pink converse are a super awesome way to either put your tomboy spirit into a girly color, or put your girly girl into a tomboy kinda shoe. You probably catch a lot of peoples attention when you go places and you wouldn't want it any other way. You're definitely always down for a good time but you're also your friends personal bodyguard because there's a good chance they all know you're batshit crazy when you wanna be.

4. Blue

You're probably the calm friend, maybe even the stoner of the group who knows. You typically just go with the flow because deep down you honestly do not care what happens. You've probably been the DD more times than anyone because you're the only one who knows how to have a good time no matter what. You're kind hearted and loving and extremely easy to get along with.

5. Green

If you're rocking green converse you're probably Irish because nobody likes green except the people who have to. Green matches just about nothing and therefore you are more than likely a unique soul who doesn't care if your clothing flows or not. You're probably a jealous person 9 times out of 10 and that's okay! You're happy and spunky and you're a cool person to be around.

6. Maroon

Another basic alert! You probably started rocking maroon converse between the years of 2015-2016 just because that whole olive green and maroon look was "in." But hey doesn't mean you aren't great. You probably are a partier and joke about being an alcoholic once a week if not more. You're smart but spontaneous and you may not have a million friends but you have a group of pretty awesome buddies.

7. Yellow

OK, we get it, you're a hipster. You've got an A1 personality and can always brighten up the room (even without your shoes.) Your favorite season is definitely summer. I bet you go to Starbucks on the regular and shop organic. Your relationships are all beautiful in their own ways and even though you probably say "I hate my life" ten times a day, you know it's great.

8. Red

You're a total badass. You probably break boys hearts, too. Red converse is like the equivalent to red lipstick. I'm sure you catch eyes walking around but you're always fixated on your own thing. Nobody really gets in your way because you don't ever let them. You're more intelligent than anybody gives you credit for but thats okay because you enjoy proving people wrong.

9. Grey

You're the sweetheart of your group whether you want to admit it or not. You're the problem solver and mediator because nobody else has the patience to be. You're typically down for a good time but definitely don't complain about spending the night in bed watching Netflix. You're overall an extremely kind person who doesn't like problems, but you also don't let anyone disrespect you, ever.

10. Tie-Dye

Tie-Dye converse just became super popular again because of Miley Cyrus and her campaign. If you're rocking these converse, bless your soul. You have a great mix of fashion and uniqueness. Good thing about tie-dye is it always matches, for the most part at least. You're definitely leaning towards that hipster lifestyle. You're educated on most any topic you're totally about arguing and usually bring up some really awesome points. You're a friendly face and people trust you 100 percent.

Cover Image Credit: Sammy 821 / Flickr

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To The Girl Struggling With Her Body Image

It's not about the size of your jeans, but the size of your heart, soul, and spirit.


To the girl struggling with her body image,

You are more than the number on the scale. You are more than the number on your jeans and dresses. You are way more than the number of pounds you've gained or lost in whatever amount of time.

Weight is defined as the quantity of matter contained by a body or object. Weight does not define your self-worth, ambition or potential.

So many girls strive for validation through the various numbers associated with body image and it's really so sad seeing such beautiful, incredible women become discouraged over a few numbers that don't measure anything of true significance.

Yes, it is important to live a healthy lifestyle. Yes, it is important to take care of yourself. However, taking care of yourself includes your mental health as well. Neglecting either your mental or physical health will inflict problems on the other. It's very easy to get caught up in the idea that you're too heavy or too thin, which results in you possibly mistreating your body in some way.

Your body is your special, beautiful temple. It harbors all of your thoughts, feelings, characteristics, and ideas. Without it, you wouldn't be you. If you so wish to change it in a healthy way, then, by all means, go ahead. With that being said, don't make changes to impress or please someone else. You are the only person who is in charge of your body. No one else has the right to tell you whether or not your body is good enough. If you don't satisfy their standards, then you don't need that sort of negative influence in your life. That sort of manipulation and control is extremely unhealthy in its own regard.

Do not hold back on things you love or want to do because of how you interpret your body. You are enough. You are more than enough. You are more than your exterior. You are your inner being, your spirit. A smile and confidence are the most beautiful things you can wear.

It's not about the size of your jeans. It's about the size of your mind and heart. Embrace your body, observe and adore every curve, bone and stretch mark. Wear what makes you feel happy and comfortable in your own skin. Do your hair and makeup (or don't do either) to your heart's desire. Wear the crop top you've been eyeing up in that store window. Want a bikini body? Put a bikini on your body, simple.

So, as hard as it may seem sometimes, understand that the number on the scale doesn't measure the amount or significance of your contributions to this world. Just because that dress doesn't fit you like you had hoped doesn't mean that you're any less of a person.

Love your body, and your body will love you right back.

Cover Image Credit: Lauren Margliotti

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'Sissy, Why is That Boy Wearing Makeup?'

June is time to celebrate equality.


This past weekend, I went to the mall with my family. It was just a normal family excursion, and I wanted to walk into Sephora to show my mom a perfume I liked. We go inside, and my mother and I drift away from my dad and 6 year old sister, Sierra. I showed her the perfume I thought smelled amazing (Roses de Chloé) and we look for my sister and father to exit the store. As soon as we leave, my little sister grabs my hand and asks, "Sissy, why is that boy wearing makeup?"

This was the first time my little sister has ever asked about anything like this, and I wanted to make sure I gave her an answer. I turned to her and said, "Sierra, sometimes there are boys who wear makeup, and girls who may dress like boys. People are allowed to wear what they want, it doesn't matter." Sierra looks up at me, says, "Oh okay," and that was the end of it.

Sharing this experience to say, HAPPY PRIDE MONTH!

So thankful to live in a country where all sexual orientations get a day to celebrate their love. That's what this world needs more of-- love. It shouldn't matter who it is, where they are from, the color on their skin, or their gender identity.

When Sierra was born, I always wondered when this conversation would come up. I wondered what I would say, how she would react to it, and how she would be exposed to it. Like I consistently preach, everything happens for a reason, and I'm glad Sierra was able to get exposure and receive an immediate answer. Love is love, and I will forever stand by that.

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