5 Reasons Why, Contrary To Popular Opinion, I Am Actually Enjoying This Quarantine
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5 Reasons Why, Contrary To Popular Opinion, I Am Actually Enjoying This Quarantine

I know, it sounds crazy.

5 Reasons Why, Contrary To Popular Opinion, I Am Actually Enjoying This Quarantine

Most of us have been stuck inside of our homes for weeks now and are wondering when life will ever return to normal. However, by dwelling on the negatives, it is easy to overlook the positive side of things. Hopefully, we will never have to go through something like this ever again, so let's use this time to better ourselves and remind ourselves of the things we used to love doing - the things that have always brought us happiness. Every day, I wake up and try to be as productive as possible. However, I also try to do one thing for myself that I know will bring me happiness. Below are a couple of things that have made it possible for me to actually enjoy this quarantine. Every morning, I remind myself that I am one step closer to everything being normal again. It is okay and important to grieve, but we must also remember that a little bit of positivity can go a very long way.

1. I'm saving money.


Personally, I spent a lot of my time and money going out to eat, shopping, and driving around for no reason. But because I've been stuck at home, I haven't spent much money on anything at all. My car doesn't need gas to sit in the driveway, and Amazon is only fun for so long. I'm realizing that I took those simple things for granted.

2. I have been able to reconnect with friends and family. 

When you have more time than you may wish on your hands, start reaching out to people you have not spoken to in years. We can all use some encouragement from people we love. Being home with my parents has given us much time to talk about our memories and bond over the things we do together. I have looked through old photo albums and Facetimed my grandmother who lives in Germany. Family is more important than ever in times like this, and when we are allowed to hangout with people again, I will never take a simple coffee date for granted.

3. There are no more excuses to not work out.


There are 24 hours in a day, and thanks to quarantine, I have plenty of time to do something good for my body. Taking a walk outside or riding your bike can burn more calories than one may think. And before we know it, we'll have our desired summer bodies for when the beaches are open again. Personally, I have rediscovered my love for running as I now spend at least an hour a day on the treadmill. Instead of eating when I get bored, I take my dog for a walk or do a YouTube workout video.

4. I have had time to learn something new.

Besides working out, I have been able to teach myself how to bake. Every week, I try out one new recipe and then my family and I can enjoy my creations. I'm also trying to be more artistic by painting; however... that still needs a ton of practice.

5. I clean, clean, clean.


After moving back home from college, I felt overwhelmed. I had so much stuff sitting around my room. It made me uncomfortable because my mind just felt like I needed to declutter everything. So, I did. And after spending two days just cleaning, I realized how much stuff I had been hoarding. I got rid of clothes that I hadn't worn since middle school. Now, I wake up, make my bed, and enjoy a clean room and decluttered mind. If you've been putting off your spring cleaning, I promise it will make you feel better.

I ask anyone reading this to take a moment to reflect on the positive things happening in your life right now. Trust me, it truly helps.

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