Bad days are inevitable, but fixable.
And "pain" cannot be measured,
its value cannot be compared
because "pain" is not seconds, kilometres or numbers.

All bruises are tender,
But will eventually fade -
And even though it seems impossible,
it starts with letting all the feelings go,
releasing the tension of negativity.

Be your own hero, understand that this is no John Green novel,
Don't wait around for "the one" or someone to kiss your wounded parts.

Use your time to allow the world's beauty to amaze you,
look around and see the qualities of living nature in front of your eyes.
Let the leaves be your home of serenity.
Let a blossoming flower teach you to bloom,
Let the inventions of mankind inspire you to build your aspirations.

Sometimes you'll notice that you're feeling small,
but so are the stars from afar.
There are going to be days when everything's against you,
but so are airplanes taking off against the wind.
What matters right now is you're still flying,
despite all the opportunities where you could've crashed.

But most importantly understand how phenomenal you are.
You are colourful,
your eyes can see 10 million different shades,
You are powerful,
everyday your body has enough energy
to drive a truck 32 kilometres,
Your heart is strong,
it contains enough electrical impulses,
to continue beating after it's removed from the body,

And finally, you are human.
Just remember the reason why,
that so far,
you've still chosen to continue.