The universe is in constant flux and having this realization may provoke some very strong, and oftentimes opposing, emotions. On one hand, it is challenging to accept that the world is changing and that things, as you think you know them, are not concrete. Most of the time, when we continue floating through this life completing the same repetitive moments over and over and over again, we easily grow roots into our individual comfort zones. It most certainly feels good during all of the moments when we remain rooted in our comfort zones; however, when those roots are dug up unexpectedly, stabilization feels lost and the possibility of its return seems hopeless.

Consequently, the potential to be ripped from what we are most familiar with is what makes going through change, no matter how big or small, so unnerving. Droughts of doubt are quickly replaced by waves of worry as we assume that ruminating about the worst possible scenario will help solve any issues. Growing accustomed to the present is only problematic when it limits you from developing resilience to future adaptations.

The idea of change is frightening until you actually endure it. Whether you are aware of these changes as they occur or become aware of them after they occur during a period of reflection, you have the revelation that changes are not that bad. Oftentimes, the scenarios that we conjure in our minds end up being way worse than we ever could have expected. Even if reality ends up being worse than whatever you were expecting, chances are, it caught you off-guard and you were able to adapt to the situation at hand because this is what all species of living organisms do. This is what humans do too; we adapt to the situation that is present and we continue moving forward courageously.

When we have these moments of realization, upon reflection of our ability to work through a change and survive whatever we were certain that we wouldn't, a new level of self-confidence emerges as we understand that change is actually beneficial. Initially intimidating yet simultaneously inspiring, the evolution that each of us works through in our personal lives shapes our value preferences, life experiences, and how we acquire meaning in life.

Moreover, the intimidation factor is decreased when we understand that everything is constantly evolving. With an ever-changing environment, nature is relentlessly waxing and waning. Taking a moment to stop and think about how you aren't the only one going through a change is comforting; changes occur even down to the fluctuations of nature as every living organism is working through some sort of process.

Therefore, rather than allowing the thought of change work counterproductively, in terms of your development, embrace the change as it becomes present in your life. It is encouraging to know that all people are working through changes in their lives to certain magnitudes that may or may not be noticeable to the public.

There is inevitable evolution for all of us both internally and externally. Growing into, learning from, and accepting changes are all positive sources of development.

Don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise.