What It Takes To Uphold A Long-distance Relationship

Relationships are hard. They are two minds, two hearts, two souls uniting. Mutual physical attraction is what draws two people together, but we don’t fall in love with a face; we fall in love with the mind, heart and soul. We fall in love by spending lots of time with a person, by sharing the same space. Time reveals true character and flaws. Time exposes the heart and soul of an individual. Time develops feelings. Once we fall deeply in love with a person, all that we want to do is spend time with them, but sometimes miles separate us. Relationships are hard, but long-distance relationships are harder.

Despite the popular belief that long-distance never works, long-distance relationships are absolutely possible. Long-distance relationships can make it, if the relationship has loyalty, honesty and trust. That is all it takes.

Whether separated by state borders or oceans, both parties in a long-distance relationship must be loyal. Both people have their own space and freedom to do whatever, neither have cameras or a GPS documenting their every move. They could very easily cheat or replace their partner who is miles away, but a strong, long-distance relationship will not have that fear because both people have expressed their loyalties to each other. Loyalty is not expressed in words, but in actions. Waking up every day to a good morning text, signals you are his first thought in the morning. Falling asleep to a good night text means you are his last thought at night and more often than not, every thought in between. Loyalty, is shown by always thinking about the other party and putting them first.

Honesty in a long-distance relationship means being truthful and open with each other. Honesty is expressed through words. Honesty is consulting your partner in every decision, no matter how small, and genuinely considering each other’s feelings. It is also admitting your mistakes, no matter how crucial it may seem to be to the relationship. Any problem can be talked through. Communication is key for an honest, long-distance relationship.

In order for any relationship to work, trust is essential, but in a long-distance relationship, trust is the most crucial piece. Trust is created through loyalty and honesty. The same actions that prove your loyalties to one another and the open thoughts expressed to each other build the strong trust it takes to conquer distance. You have to trust that even though you are separated by hundreds or thousands of miles, he loves you and will not betray you.

Distance is hard when it comes to relationships, but it can survive and it can strengthen the relationship in the end because it will strengthen your loyalty, honesty and trust for each other.

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