For someone who is extremely restless during the entire school year, finals week is a particular challenge just like it is for the thousands of other college students. I tend to calculate how far I can get with the gas I have more than I actually study. It's SO hard to be happy and overall satisfied with life during finals week. It sounds like an over exaggeration, but is it really?

I have found these things to help me be content with life during finals:

1. Avoid junk food and enjoy a piece of dark chocolate instead.

2. Pet a puppy.

3. Cook something.

Obviously, there is a food trend in this article because food equals comfort, am I right? It good to find a healthy balance, though, in your stress eating. Cooking is a good way to let your mind relax your mind and get a good meal out of it.

4. Take a walk or a long drive.

Explore some unfamiliar backroads, turn the music up, roll the windows down, and just drive.

5. Plan a hypothetical trip to anywhere.

For me, planning a hypothetical trip and researching new places help me work out some restlessness. It takes my mind to another place outside of the world of all-nighters and finals.

I hope these help you too and may your finals week be as stress-free as possible!